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"I Don't Need a Budget"

  • 2018 21 Jun
"I Don't Need a Budget"


Most Common Budgeting Excuse #4: "I don’t need a budget!"

You have two options. Tell your money where to go (to fulfill your financial goals) or it will just go somewhere and by month’s end you’ll wonder where it went.

We recently met with a young couple expecting their first child. They never had a budget. After taking a look at their income and their current monthly expenditures, we added few upcoming items like daycare costs, diapers and formula. We soon realized that they were in trouble and without having a clear spending plan, they would soon find themselves in more debt.

Within 45 minutes, we were able to create a plan of action that allowed them to weed out close to $600 of “unnecessary” expenditures and also gave them a clear path to follow. Budget gave us the visibility we needed to make necessary adjustments!

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