Lampa's Kaleidoscope Paints a Pretty Picture

ALBUM: Kaleidoscope
ARTIST: Rachael Lampa
IN A PHRASE: A sophomore project filled with lyrical maturity and musical growth.

One of the most successful debut artists of 2000, Rachael Lampa, returns with a sophomore project that reaches for heights much higher than her years.

When I reviewed Lampa's debut CD, I likened the beginnings of her career to that of fellow artist Jaci Velasquez. I reiterate that statement again with this project. Kaleidoscope's level of growth is much like Jaci's self-titled sophomore project. Much radio success is sure to follow.

The album's opener, Savior Song, is a typical pop opener and reminiscent of one of her debut singles, You Lift Me Up.

One of the albums highlights is Brand New Life. The blending of Rachael's lead and backing vocals is stellar and enhancing.

No Greater Love has the potential to become for Rachael what Blessed was on her debut effort.

The heavily synthesizer-influenced For Your Love is a highlight, filled with smooth vocals and a nice beat.

The David Mullen-penned Beautiful brings out the soul in Rachael. This track sounds like something David's wife, Nicole C. Mullen, would record.

Sanctuary, co-written by Rachael, takes her into previously unexplored vocal territory.

Reminiscent of her previous effort's Shaken, It's About You, although late in the track list, will probably be a favorite during her live shows.

Give Your Heart Away and A Song For You close the CD with two of the smoothest ballads Rachael has ever recorded.

Another awesome aspect of this record is the writing talent. Along with teaming again with producers Brown Bannister and Brent Bourgeois, Word Records brings in an extraordinary team of writers that include LaRue, Paige, Margaret Becker, Cindy Morgan and David Mullen.

So my final word...

This project proves that Rachael's "kaleidoscope" is filled with colors of a promising future in Christian music.

Until Next Time...
The J Man