Prayer Structure - Powered by 4 - March 28

Saturday, March 28

Prayer Structure

Today's reading: Psalm 90:1-17

Psalm 90 is a prayer by Moses, a man who had an exceptionally personal and close relationship with God. What a privilege it is to see an example of how this Godly man approached and dialogued with God through prayer. One of the things I noticed right away is how in the first half of this prayer, Moses recognizes God for who He is—all-powerful, all-knowing, loving, not bound by human time, and present at all times. It's only after telling God what he knows about Him that Moses then turns to his requests—asking God to satisfy the people with His constant and steadfast love, to make them rejoice and be glad, to let His favor be upon them, and to establish the work of their hands.

How does telling God what you know about Him help you get perspective? What impact does praising God as you begin your prayers have on your attitude and ultimately how and what you communicate with God? Tami

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