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Far From Thankful

Hard things come our way and we lose focus. Hard people come our way and we lose courage. Hard times come our way and we lose faith. We are so far from thankful that we've gone to the other extreme of actually being ungrateful. What do you do?

  • Deborah Wuehler |
  • November 24, 2009 |
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The Manhattan Declaration: Defending Life, Marriage, and Freedom

Today at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., I and a dozen evangelical, Catholic, and Orthodox leaders face the microphones to announce the release of an historic document.

Known by Our Fruit

We will find out what we are made of by what comes out of our mouths in both good and bad circumstances.

Decide to Delegate: It's the Only Way to Make a Disciple

Many pastors struggle with stress and the lack of ministerial fulfillment. I would like to suggest that making one decision can provide the cure for both of these diseases. You must decide to delegate.

  • Dr. Charles R. Phelps |
  • May 02, 2007 |
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The 'Path of Life' to Muslims, Sharia Law Walls Off Christians

Sharia, wherever it has been implemented, has displayed a dark side. Sharia allows for thieves to face the amputation of their hands, perceived adulterers to be stoned, apostates to be executed and the testimony of women to count far less than the testimony of men in court. In its extreme forms, such as in Saudi Arabia, women are covered from head to foot and are often forced to stay indoors, out of sight.

Cartooning the Word — R. Crumb’s “The Book of Genesis”

In all likelihood, most people would never even imagine a cartoon version of Genesis. Nevertheless, the cartoon version has arrived, and it is attracting no small amount of attention.

Now Is the Hour to Stand Up for Religious Freedom

This question of human freedom goes to the very heart of who we are as Christians and as Americans.

When Christians Sin

  • Sinclair Ferguson |
  • November 19, 2009 |
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You Don't Start Back, You Start Over

Don't you wish that people could forget your mistakes as easily as God does? That's why we need to be careful about passing judgment on others.

Become a Hero, Man!

Even when life's disappointments leave a Christian man feeling unfulfilled, he still has God's spark inside waiting to ignite him into a Hero.

Woof ‘n Worship? Seriously?

"I don't have any kids, so my pets have always been my children." Postmodern Americans see these statements as evidence of new lifestyle choices. Christians should see these statements as tragic.

Evangelicals and the Crisis of Authority

Christian freedom—academic freedom and personal freedom—is not the right to interpret the Bible in any way we see fit and then act on our interpretation.

Image is Everything: Christianity and the Church

In fashion, movies, and marketing, image is everything. Did you know that image is everything in the Bible, too?

Thanksgiving: The Power of a Thankful Heart

Whenever you give thanks to God, despite the most difficult circumstances, the enemy loses a big battle in your life.

  • Debbie Przybylski |
  • November 16, 2009 |
  • comments
Tanked! Out of Prison, Former NFL Agent Ready for Redemption

When former NFL player agent Tank Black got out of prison, it was time to start helping prisoners' children from the other side of the bars.

Boys Wearing Skirts to School? What’s Going On?

"Clothes are never a frivolity -- they always mean something." Thus spoke James Laver, a famous costume designer and interpreter of fashion. He is right, of course.

All Truth is God's Truth

If science contradicts religion, or if religion contradicts science, at least one of them must be wrong... right?

Christian, Don't Feel Bad about Feeling Good

Too many Christians feel guilty about having a good time, even though God intended his creations to be enjoyed. Here's how to experience Pure Pleasure.

On Christ the Solid Rock

"We all look for it. We all refuse to live without it. We all think we've found it, but it can only really be found in one place. What is it that I'm talking about?" The solid rock on which to stand.

  • Tullian Tchividjian |
  • November 12, 2009 |
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Letting the Bible Transform Your Church

The Bible can transform our lives. It also can transform your church.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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