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The Forgotten Victims of Communism

Our children's textbooks are strangely void of even a mention of the 14 million political prisoners who either barely clung to life or died in inhumane Soviet Gulags.

Roman Polanski: Celebrity Justice in a Just Society

Roman Polanski's case is a classic example of a gross double standard of justice at work between the average citizen and the rich, powerful, and famous.

The Mighty Chickenosaurus: Playing God with Genetics

In the movie Jurassic Park, scientists used genetics to bring dinosaurs back to life. Now, one scientist says he wants to hatch a "chickenosaurus" -- and he's serious.

The Greater Significance of October 31

One Halloween long ago, one man, a monk dedicated to the truth of scripture, challenged the leaders of his Church to debate - among other things - the selling of indulgences, and in the process reshaped history.

Is a Deacon Just a Servant?

The Cries of the Poor

The biblical account of Boaz, a "prominent man," and Ruth, a young widow attempting to support herself as well as her widowed mother-in-law, is a beautiful example of personal financial sacrifice for the sole purpose of helping someone living in poverty and despair.

The Dollar at the Precipice

Our currency is headed for a free-fall off a cliff in the international foreign-exchange markets. Why is this almost a certainty?

Teaching Kids to Think Christianly: God's World News

One of the chief reasons God's World News exists—to help families and schools learn how to talk about God's ongoing activity in the world as both creator and sustainer.

The Gospel on Offense: The Faith of Tim Tebow

Tim’s a great example of an opportunity every believer has — to put our faith to work on the field of play where God has gifted us and called us.

Thank God for Humiliation

The Nobel Committee Dishonors Itself

The announcement from the Nobel Committee defies belief, even as I've come to expect the inconceivable from the committee.

Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett: Thinking Critically about Oprah’s Spirituality

Josh McDowell and his coauthor Dave Sterrett have written the new book "O" God: A Dialogue on Truth and Spirituality to help Christians learn how to discern what's true and what's not in Oprah's powerfully influential teachings. Read the interview...

  • Whitney Von Lake Hopler |
  • October 09, 2009 |
  • comments
Green Fences Will Keep the Poor in Poverty

Punishing developing countries for their use of coal-fired -- and environmentally "problematic" -- power plants will certainly hurt the poor of those countries more than it hurts us.

The Real Agenda Behind the Mojave Cross Case

The Mojave Desert cross has been covered in a plywood box. Could there be a more apt symbol of what the ACLU wants to do to religion in this country?

Pursuing Your Passions with a Sound Mind

The improbability of my career shifting from money to music is a miracle and a mystery that has stretched our faith, but God has been faithful...

Rejoicing at the Unexpected

Megachurches Offer Relational Approach with Multiple Sites

Rick Moore and his congregation are part of an emerging shift away from single-location megachurches toward multiple site church that offers more than a good sermon.

Why We Don't Have Revival

The standard answers for churches lacking revival include sin, complacency, prayerlessness... but those answers are missing the point.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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