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Sexting: A Parent’s Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe

Cell phone "sexting" can have devastating consequences. HomeWord's Jim Liebelt shares practical ways parents can keep their teens safe...

Bookends of the Christian Life

Using a bookends motif, Bridges and Bevington show how justification and sanctification can help you overcome guilt and self-righteousness, develop the motivation to grow, be assured of God's love, and bring about lasting change in your life.

  • Jerry Bridges and Bob Bevington |
  • April 24, 2009 |
  • comments
Jesus is on the Way!

Do you ever feel as though Jesus has forgotten you?

Women: Discover God's Calling for Your Life

Women today enjoy more opportunities than at any other time in history, but it’s only through choosing God’s best that you’ll truly achieve a fulfilling life.

Is Climate Change Our Fault? Most Evangelicals Say No

Evangelicals are far less likely to blame global warming on man's impact, one survey shows. Two evangelicals on either side of the debate weigh in.

Missing the Forest for the Trees

Avoiding Pharisaical Worship: Nothing but the Bare Necessities

"In all their prophesying, casting out demons, and performance of miracles, they omitted, overlooked, and discounted another important facet of worship — being known by God."

  • Veronica Jones-Brown |
  • April 23, 2009 |
  • comments
The Challenge of Islam: A Christian Perspective

While we are certainly not a nation at war with Islam, we are a nation that faces a huge challenge from the Islamic world -- a challenge that includes terrorism, but also a much larger civilizational ambition that remains central.

He Said-She Said: Unmarried and Vacationing Together

"Is it okay for an unmarried man and woman to go on vacation together?" a reader asks. It's a question many singles find themselves asking during their seasons of singleness. Find out what “he” and “she” have said in response.

  • Cliff Young & Laura MacCorkle |
  • April 22, 2009 |
  • comments
Spending Tomorrow: Sticking Posterity with the Bill

Yesterday, millions of Americans mailed in their tax returns to the federal government. And millions more stood in tea party protests across the country.

What Does the Bible Say About That?

Most kids don’t realize it, but God’s Word has a lot to say about the things they care about most—and this lively book leaves no doubt about it. Each page of this kid-friendly book illustrates what a particular topic has to do with the Bible, what the Bible says about it, and how the Bible’s teaching applies to kids their age.

The Men in Christ's Life: Father of a Boy with an Evil Spirit

"Lord, I do believe, but help me to overcome my unbelief," said the father of the boy with an evil spirit (Mark 9:14-29). Do you ever doubt? Doubt that God is in control? Do you question God's work in your life? His decisions of what is best for you? I do, all the time.

Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Decision by decision, you followed a certain path that ultimately led to your current destination. The good news is: if you don’t like where you’ve ended up, you can change direction via The Principle of the Path.

"That's So Gay": The Deadly Consequences of Bullying

  • Dr. Warren Throckmorton |
  • April 17, 2009 |
  • comments
Preaching When Times Are Tight

Why God Allows Good Men to Fall

Born Alive: 22 Weeks Portrays Inescapable Truth of Abortion

22 Weeks is based on a true story. A young woman, Angela, undergoes an abortion procedure in her 22nd week of pregnancy. After the procedure was begun, her child was born alive.

The Fly in the Ointment of Youth Sports

It is amazing how easily mild-mannered parents, even those who bear the name of Christ, can become transformed into raving lunatics when their children are involved in competition.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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