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Winsome Warriors: Battling for Life

Imagination and love can go a long way in the fight for life. Here are some great examples of what I mean.

Bring Worship Home

Why it is Good to Give Thanks

God's good will for your life is to give thanks - and there are many reasons to do it. Let the fruit of your lips give thanks to His name today.

Our Heavenly Father Knows Best

If I want to do what is best for my daughter as a human, flawed, sinful mother, how much more does God love us as a perfect, holy, flawless Father?

  • Betsy St. Amant |
  • February 03, 2009 |
  • comments
Good Food and Junk Sex

Rather than approaching food and sex reasonably and in a similar way, we have opted for what Mary Eberstadt calls “mindful eating and mindless sex.”

AIG: The Perfect Scapegoat for Congress

AIG deserves criticism, blame, yes, even anger, for its role in bringing our economy to its knees. But let's take a deep breath, calm down, and analyze this startling turn of events.

  • Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson |
  • March 25, 2009 |
  • comments
Paper or Podcast? Churches Juggle Media for All Ages

The challenge for Edwards, and for church leaders of other multi-generational churches, is how to best balance the technological needs of younger people with the wishes and requirements of the older crowd.

Masculinity: Unwanted

Nunc Super Tunc: Does History Matter?

American Christians have a lot of virtues but historical mindedness isn’t one of them. As Americans we like to think that we’re the first to do most things but history demonstrates that to be false. We’re not the first Christians. We’re part of an ancient and widespread family.

Overcoming the Fear Factor

Fear becomes a stumbling block that leaves us with regrets. Relying on our faith allows us to live fearlessly.

Pastors and Worship Leaders are on the Same Team

It takes wisdom, effort and humility on both sides of the pastor-worship leader relationship to ensure a smoothly functioning team that can serve the church effectively. Here are a few other thoughts to consider.

Finding the Flow of a Successful Small Group

Build a small group that encourages people to study Scripture in a relational way, and you’ll Find the Flow that will unleash God’s Spirit into your group. Here’s how.

Turn Lonely Hours into Worship Time

A lifelong personal pursuit of worshiping God is not only what God came seeking and what we will be doing forever — it is what we are to be now.

Stem Cell Decision Frowns on Real Successes

Conservatives opposed to Obama's reversal on embryonic stem-cell funding say the decision will cripple funding for adult stem-cell research, which has already found success.

"Sexting," Teen Maturity and Parental Responsibility

Our teenagers live like the twenty-year-olds of their parents' generation, while possessing the maturity of five-year-olds.

How to Silence Talk Radio: Tax the Industry to Death

Radio is not out of the woods yet. There are a number of cleverly-devised legislative threats to this American-owned-and-operated industry—the most immediate of which is a crippling new radio tax.

What Are We Singing: Be Magnified

Have you ever asked God for something fully expecting that the request is too much; even for Him? Like He is too busy with world peace and hunger to deal with your paltry issue?

How to Query God

Is it always wrong to ask questions in response to biblical teaching? John Piper doesn't think so, but offers advice on how to proceed in a way that honors God.

Help Poor People Help Themselves

No matter how well intentioned you are, your ministry won't be effective if you simply provide services for the poor.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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