In recent weeks, we have seen the rise of an obvious culture conflict in America. On the one side we have watched on the evening news how all moral restraint is being removed via the same-sex marriage movement. On the other side, we have watched in theaters nationwide "The Passion Of The Christ" film portray God's love for this wicked world. On the one side, we see homosexuals shamelessly kissing their partners and getting their marriage licenses. On the other side, we Jesus Christ emptying himself and dying on a cross for sinful men of women. On the one side is self-satisfaction while on the other side is self-sacrifice. Do you see the cultural war? 

Most of us know that AIDS is an abbreviation for Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome.  But I believe it could be redefined and relabeled to represent America In Deep Sin. In essence, our nation is reaping what she has sown for the last thirty to forty years. Many Americans have convinced themselves that free sex and free love are acceptable.  Marriage is seen as a dying institution. Divorce is no longer wrong. Fornication is no longer a sin. Homosexuality is seen by many as an alternate lifestyle. Our society has redefined its terms in order to make it more acceptable. 

However, one's wealth can't buy life or time. The wages of sin is death. The Apostle Paul, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, issued three indictments against this world -three indictments that God brought to pass in the courtroom of His justice.  Here is what God's Word has said.

First, Our Nation's Blindness Is Inexcusable


It is inexcusable, ladies and gentlemen, because we have chosen to ignore our conscience. We have chosen to ignore creation. We have chosen to ignore Christ. 

A) We Have Chosen to Ignore Our Conscience (v. 19) "Because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them."  Regardless of who you are, God has put into the heart of every person a conscience. It is there to help us discern between what is right and wrong. Yet, we have chosen to sear our conscience.


We can determine where we stand with God by asking these two questions:  What makes us laugh, and what makes us weep? Answering these two questions will enable us to know where our conscience stands in relationship to God. Many in our country have seared their conscience - they no longer can tell what is right or wrong. We live in a day when the unsaved refuse to blush and the Church no longer knows how to weep over the sins of mankind. We have chosen to ignore our conscience and we have chosen to ignore creation. We are watching the sins that use to slink down our back allies now parade down Main Street.

B) We Have Chosen to Ignore Creation (vv. 19-20) "Because that which is known about God is evident within them; for God made it evident to them.  For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being made, so that they are without excuse." Regardless of what language we speak, everything in this universe bears this stamp - "Made by God."  Yet, many have chosen to ignore God, to make sure He has no place in our public school systems or our government. He is made fun of on television and in the movies. He is lampooned, ridiculed, cursed and blamed for all the economical and physical disasters of life. It is easier to get a Bible into atheistic nations than to get them into the schools of the United States of America.