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Not the Religious Type

As an atheist, Dave Schmelzer never thought of himself as the religious type. And he still doesn't, even though he now believes in God and leads a large Boston church in the shadow of some of the nation's most impressive universities. Read more of his thoughts in Not the Religious Type.

Drive-by Evangelism, or Missional Rescue Force?

What kind of culture has developed within the American Church to produce such legalistic thinking that it borders on the inhumane?

Gary Chapman Shares Ways Ministers' Wives can 'Love a Leader'

Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages, offers seven things ministers' wives must know to truly love their leader husbands...

When Do We Build?

Church growth brings challenges: finding additional leaders for classes and programs, dealing with parking stresses, and the big question: when do we build?

Prayer Coach

You don’t have to be an apostle Paul or a John Wesley or a Billy Graham to pray well. It is something that we become good at by just doing it. The problem is, many Christians fail to plan their prayer time, and end up avoiding it, author Jim Nicodem says. This new books aims to help plan, praise, and set patterns for one-on-one prayer time with God.

In Error and Apostate: The Anglican Division Looms

The issues now separating liberals and conservatives within the global Anglican Communion are no longer matters on which compromise can be reached.

Do Prophets Still Exist Today?

Perhaps more than with any other label, we must use extreme caution when either demonstrating this gift or receiving it from others, because we are biblically forewarned.

Has Your Flock Already Yielded to Gay Marriage?

Is the battle against same-sex marriage already lost?

Being the Church in a Time of Troubles

The concern for the Christian today is that unlike our early brothers and sisters, the church all too often appears similar to the surrounding culture.

Why We Urgently Need to Go After the Men in our Congregations

A large proportion of our men cannot give in their relationships what their hearts do not possess. That is why a pastor I know in Texas targets men on purpose.

A Time of Troubles

When a civilization responds to challenges, it grows. Conversely, civilizations decline when their leaders stop responding creatively or with wisdom. Where is our civilization right now?

Serious Minded Christianity for Serious Times

If the church is to be effective in this rapidly changing world, we must understand the times and know what to do.

The Gospel of Judas: The Betrayal of Truth

In the current edition of The Chronicle of Higher Education, the scandal surrounding the "Gospel of Judas" is significantly expanded.

Delivering Ourselves from Evil

One of the more disturbing films of late is Deliver Us from Evil, in which Church hierarchy, with knowledge of a priest's attraction to children and evidence of actual misconduct, harbored him for thirty years.

  • Dr. James Emery White |
  • May 30, 2008 |
  • comments
Woe to Those Who Preach Not the Gospel

Jeremiah Wright is not the first black preacher to manipulate black church congregations into victimization rather than salvation. Thankfully, the Scriptures are clear about the responsibilities of Christian ministers.

  • Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. |
  • May 29, 2008 |
  • comments
Preaching in a Changing Culture: An Interview with Ron Martoia

After eighteen years as pastor of a church he planted, Ron Martoia's ministry has shifted to that of a "transformational architect," equipping leaders to deal with change.

Open the Door to Conversational Evangelism

Doing evangelism is a very different dynamic in today’s culture than it was twenty-five years ago...

An Evangelical Manifesto: Timely or Timeless?

The unveiling of "An Evangelical Manifesto" has caused no small stir among those whom we might readily identify as the religious right.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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