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Progressing Right Out of Orthodoxy

Today, I rise to announce a new movement. We've got conservatives, liberals and progressives. Now it's time for the regressive movement!

Is Belief in God Just a Natural Phenomenon?

Scholars are working on an attempt to propose a purely natural origin for belief in God. One group of scientists armed with a multi-million-dollar budget is working on an effort known as "Explaining Religion."

Care of Creation Ministry's First Priority is God

I'm scared off by people who tend to treat the earth as god, rather than as God's handiwork, so I have avoided considering my responsibility as a steward of God’s property until a recent trip to Kenya...

Should we Miss Church Graveyards?

Not many churches have cemeteries anymore. In some ways, that's a good thing. But I wonder if we are losing something by outsourcing the care of our dead to the funeral industry.

The Church in Post-Christendom Part 2: Understanding the "Good News"

If "the church of Jesus Christ is not the purpose or goal of the gospel, but rather its instrument and witness," then what exactly is the church's mission?

What Would Jesus Do: Discerning Which Biblical Laws Matter, and Which Don't

What am I supposed to think when "don't clip your sideburns too short" is right next to "don't practice fortune-telling"? Can I know which principles God wants me to live by, and which ones to ignore?

Of Greater Import: Don't Forget Easter as We Move Toward Election Day

The first Easter meant that redeemed sinners now had the power to live above sin. But some people didn’t want this kind of Jesus. They wanted physical remedies. They wanted a political savior.

The Gospel According to Mark (Driscoll)

The pastor of America’s 15th fastest growing church probably likes all the attention. Lord knows he doesn’t do much to discourage the bloggers who frequently attack his unorthodox approach.

The Church in Post-Christendom

When we speak of post-Christendom, we conclude that the church no longer occupies a central place of social and cultural hegemony, and Western civilization no longer considers itself to be formally or officially Christian.

Best Preaching Books of 2007

Doctrine That Dances, from B&H Publishing and author Robert Smith, is's Preaching Book of the Year.

Tithing is Biblical

The en vogue issue of tithing being a matter of law in a community of grace misses the mark on several points.

In His Image: Antidote to Humanism

There is a line of truth that provides the answer for the humanist. It is the reality that human beings have been created in the image of God.

Jesus for Breakfast: Ministers Need Quiet Times, Too

I know in my head that, being in ministry, I should spend daily time with God developing and nurturing a love relationship. But do my daily choices show I believe it?

Transforming Culture: Christian Truth Confronts Post-Christian America

The so-called Judeo-Christian consensus of the last millennium has given way to a post-modern, post-Christian, post-Western cultural crisis which threatens the very heart of our culture.

Greater than Diamonds

The diamond is considered the nearest thing to "priceless" that we can possess. It's a nice thought, but it isn't so. If fact, according to the Bible, it isn't even close.

The New Mainline

The Archbishop & Sharia: What Empty Churches Are Made Of

A ranking religious official proposes compromising Anglo-American jurisprudence with theocratic church rule? Please.

America's Most Sinful Cities?

Give Forbes magazine credit for giving this challenge a try: ranking America's cities by the populace's propensity to commit the traditional seven deadly sins.

Dancing on the Grave of the Church

But, is George Barna dancing alone?

They Love Jesus; They Don't Like the Church

This appears to be a growing sentiment among many younger Christians in America today. They love Jesus but they want little to do with His Church.

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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