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Hope for a Christian Renaissance?

Throughout history it has been small groups within societies that have initiated and produced real cultural change.

How One Woman Built a Church that Lasted

Want to change the world? Simple acts of kindness, done in Jesus' name, can do that. Ask Dorcas.

The Witness of Scripture: Work of Men, or Word of God?

The Bible is the account of God’s activity in and beyond time. But is it a trustworthy account? To answer that we need to establish three things...

New Barna Research Describes Use of Technology in Churches

Protestant churches across the nation are using various forms of emerging technology to influence people's lives and enliven their church experience.

The Church Changed, and Nobody Told Us

If our church had made no impact for Christ outside of our membership last year, should we remain content to do the same things this year?

  • Elmer L. Towns, Ed Stetzer, & Warren Bird |
  • May 05, 2008 |
  • comments
Developing Men who Take on the Heavy Lifting of Ministry

The reason men present such a challenge to the church is not because they are unmotivated or unchallenged or lacking opportunities to connect...

Building Your Women's Ministry in a Small Church

God expects leaders in churches of all sizes to offer multiple opportunities for women to serve.

  • Kelley Mathews & Sue Edwards |
  • April 30, 2008 |
  • comments
Why Theology Matters

Many in the American church know God in the same way they know the President — they know some facts about him, where he lives, what he does — but they do not have a relationship with him.

Anecdotes a Preacher Would Kill For

Winston Churchill called anecdotes, "the gleaming toys of history." They are hard to define, but we all know a good one when we find one. Here are some of my favorites for sermons.

Truth-Telling and Church Discipline

Leaders and churches that are committed to speaking the truth in love learn that church discipline is part of the package.

The Pastoral Theological Implications of the Jeremiah Wright Story

Perhaps there is someone who wonders in today's world, "Can a minister really have any possible influence on the world around us?"

The Fate of the Family and the Future of the Church

Is the future of our congregations tied to the fate of the family?

When Christian Leaders Do Wrong

Has someone you respected let you down? Did you learn your mentor has feet of clay? I'm writing this to those who feel confused and disenfranchised by religion.

God is and God Has Spoken: Tips for Bible Teachers/Preachers

Should the Sunday morning sermon be designed primarily to reach lost people or teach Christians?

The Church in Post-Christendom 3: Recovering the Mission of the Church

For the church to be a relevant instrument and faithful witness of the gospel, especially in the wake of Christendom's collapse, we must recover a God-centered understanding of the church's mission.

Progressing Right Out of Orthodoxy

Today, I rise to announce a new movement. We've got conservatives, liberals and progressives. Now it's time for the regressive movement!

Is Belief in God Just a Natural Phenomenon?

Scholars are working on an attempt to propose a purely natural origin for belief in God. One group of scientists armed with a multi-million-dollar budget is working on an effort known as "Explaining Religion."

Care of Creation Ministry's First Priority is God

I'm scared off by people who tend to treat the earth as god, rather than as God's handiwork, so I have avoided considering my responsibility as a steward of God’s property until a recent trip to Kenya...

Should we Miss Church Graveyards?

Not many churches have cemeteries anymore. In some ways, that's a good thing. But I wonder if we are losing something by outsourcing the care of our dead to the funeral industry.

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