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God, Politics, and Politicians

How are we to think about the religious commitments of political candidates? Are their actual beliefs off-limits in terms of public policy?

How to Keep Your Youth Ministry Focused on Jesus

Does every part of the youth ministry directly connect kids to Jesus?

  • Whitney Hopler |
  • September 12, 2007 |
  • comments
Mother Teresa’s Dark Night

A new book reveals a previously unknown side of Mother Teresa through her private letters written over 66 years. This book was not produced by her detractors, but rather by those seeking her sainthood.

Helping People Have the Assurance of Salvation

God's will for people includes their full assurance.

Christopher Hitchens Has a Point

In reading the provocative writings of the atheist author of God is Not Great, Dr. Ray Pritchard came across three valid points regarding us religious types that deserve further comment...

An Ethos for God's Family: A Leader's Role

Ethos is a distinguishing tone, environment, or climate—and it's powerful. It may seem intangible, but leaders must know how to influence ethos to the benefit of their ministry.

  • Dr. Sue Edwards & Kelley Mathews |
  • August 31, 2007 |
  • comments
The Shelter of God's Word: Are You among the Prophets?

The story of David’s fleeing for refuge among the prophets of the Lord is instructive for us in many ways.

Worldviews: God Explains it All

What do you believe and why do you believe it? Such a question is basic to our very existence and all people must answer it in some way whether consciously or unconsciously.

What Does God Care What We Call Him?

Those making the case for a Christian appropriation of Allah must take their argument in one of two trajectories...

What's Wrong with "User Friendly" Churches?

"User-friendly" was first used to describe software and hardware that is easy for the novice to operate. Applied to the church, it describes a decidedly benign and non-challenging ministry model.

"Jesus Christ, Teach Us to Pray"

Jesus didn’t always go to the same room and close the door behind Him when He prayed, but He did consistently find private places to spend time in intimate prayer with His Father. How many times a week do we do that? How many times in a year?

Your Pastor's Pain: Whose Fault Is It?

Cruel, ungodly behavior toward your pastor is a mark of shame on the church of Jesus Christ.

  • Dr. Chuck Betters |
  • August 10, 2007 |
  • comments
Missing the Point: 'God Talk' and Politics

There’s a place for religion in the public square. But if Democrats or Republicans think that wooing evangelical voters is about "God talk," they are mistaken.

"Lest You Be Consumed..." The Tragedy in Minneapolis

The people who drove onto that bridge had no advance warning of its collapse. They made no conscious decision to put their lives on the line. Experience and reason have trained us all to trust what looks solid and stable.

The Next, Next Church

Pastors often joke about a "migratory flow pattern" among Christians in their community who are constantly church-hopping to the "next" thing in church life.

  • James Emery White |
  • August 01, 2007 |
  • comments
If They Pay You to Speak, is it Ministry, or Business?

When it comes to ministry and money, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer.

Divine Intention Exposes Today’s Church

Larry Shallenberger’s Divine Intention takes aim at today’s church. Part fictional, part devotional, it looks at where we are and where we have to go. It examines the early Christian church of Acts, and holds it up as a mirror to contemporary churches.

Responding to "Green Politics" - Conclusion

There is a "false pretension" manifested in the global warming debate that demands an intelligent and informed response from the Church because, on one level, God’s moral authority is at stake.

The Gospel Driven Organization

As a recently-minted president of a Christian nonprofit, I’ve been asking: What does it mean for a Christian organization to be driven by the Gospel?

Use Contrast for Full-Bodied Preaching

"The dark side is what's missing," I said to myself. Or perhaps that was the Holy Spirit speaking...

Example: "Gen 1:1" "John 3" "Moses" "trust"
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