Trust God to help you in our fallen world. Understand that evil is real, but that it can always be overcome with good. Pray for God to deliver you from evil and give you the strength you need to fight it and the grace you need to do good in the face of it. Remember that anytime you attempt something great for God, you will face resistance from Satan. Trust in God's protection and rely on His power. Refuse to allow fear to paralyze you, realizing that God is in control of all circumstances. Pray for God to catapult you into the arena of your greatest influence. Understand that there is no such thing as mere coincidence; all your opportunities to influence others are given to you by God.


Offer other people wise counsel. Live with integrity and strive to become a person who can be trusted. Speak the truth in love. Continually seek God's wisdom. Nurture a passionate devotional life, spending time daily reading and meditating on the Bible. Listen attentively to others. Be sensitive to God's voice urging you to give your time and energy to someone else for a purpose. Be available, even when it's inconvenient.


Use humor to point people toward God. Show people who are watching you that you aren't one of those stereotypical, overly serious and no-fun religious people. Give yourself permission to enjoy life and laugh at your own foibles. Demonstrate the joy that Christians should have in their lives. Understand that people are often more apt to listen to what you have to say if you say it with humor. So use humor to make your points when you're talking about spiritual things. Also use humor to help heal people's hearts by relieving some of their stress and soothing some of their pain.


Keep confidences. Strive to be a person whom others can trust. When someone gives you some information on the condition that you not share it with anyone, make sure that you don't tell anyone else that information. Refuse to sacrifice a confidence for fame, money, or other personal gain. Keep it because it's the right thing to do and your goal is to help people however you can, for Christ. Whenever someone trusts you with confidential information, use that knowledge to intercede in prayer for that person in specific ways. Never use a confidence to lecture someone or give him or her an "I told you so" speech. Despise gossip. And confidences aside, refrain from giving people any information that might cause them to worry unnecessarily. Ask God to help you be discerning, tactful, and kind.


Make yourself accountable. Know that accountability is a sign of strength, not weakness, because it means that you have good character. Understand that no one is beyond the need for accountability. Realize that the more you attempt to do for God, the greater your need for accountability, and that the greater the accountability you have, the greater your influence on others can be. Ask God to help you do the right thing in private as well as in public. Think and pray carefully about other people you can ask to become your accountability partners. As partners, ask each other hard questions and be willing to challenge each other to remain faithful in all areas of your lives. Know that accountability will help protect your testimony as a Christian and help make you a successful witness for Christ. Make sure you're accountable to someone yourself before you ask anyone to be accountable to you. Strive to have a right relationship with God. Make a daily commitment to read and apply the Bible. Repent from sinful thoughts and ask God to cleanse your mind. Make both private and corporate worship a habit. Continually choose to forgive people who have hurt you. Seek to obey God's will as revealed in His Word. Strive to have a right relationship with your spouse and family. Be passionate about purity. Commit to following through on what you promise to do. Defend the truth.