The following is a report on the practical applications of Pastor Jim Graff's new book,
A Significant Life: Fulfilling Your Eternal Potential Every Day, (Waterbrook Press, 2006).

You wake up every day, try to enjoy yourself, and do your best to fulfill responsibilities. But do you ever wonder whether or not your life really matters?

It does to God. And if you embrace His unique purpose for you, you can live a truly significant life – one that makes an eternal difference in the world.

Here’s how you can live a significant life:

Develop the confidence to dream. Don’t be afraid to dream both small and large dreams. Ask God to help you distinguish between your own desires, and His desires for you. Be willing to sacrifice your dreams that don’t align with God’s will, and embrace His dreams for your life, trusting that He knows what’s ultimately best for you and remembering that He can do more for you than you can even imagine. When you sense God calling you to act upon a dream, go for it! Rely on the power He’ll give you through the Holy Spirit. Let go of past failures and disappointments so you can move into future opportunities. Learn from your mistakes and be open to new dreams. Persevere in the process of turning dreams into realities. Remember that God will complete the good work He has started in you. Focus on God’s promises instead of your problems. Look beyond your own limitations to God’s unlimited power. Don’t wait until you feel like you’ve got it all together to pursue a dream; just start pursuing it, knowing that God will be with you every step of the way. Recognize that God often uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary dreams.

Build the confidence to grow. Whenever you encounter difficulties, remember that your faith will be strengthened if you choose to trust God to handle each difficult situation. Know that doing so will lead to greater maturity and more confidence in God. Remind yourself of times when God has helped you in the past, and believe that He will continue to help you in all the ways you need His caring touch. Understand that you can experience a significant life throughout your journey – not just from reaching one particular destination. Give God your best in everything you do, knowing that if you serve faithfully in small matters, He will entrust you with larger tasks and more responsibility. Rather than letting fear or uncertainty immobilize you, decide to praise God for the way your situation can bring you new opportunities to trust him more fully and grow in confidence. Ask God to ignite fresh passion in you to make progress toward becoming the person He wants you to become. Exercise your faith when you can’t tell what God is up to, trusting that He is using your circumstances to transform you.

Develop the confidence to endure. Respond to rejection by learning whatever you can from it, but moving on. Never let rejection discourage you or cause you to quit. Ask God to give you the courage to choose to confidently follow His leading even when circumstances look bleak. Be on guard against discontent, discouragement, and depression. Whenever you confront them, pray for God to give you His perspective on the situation. Remind yourself often of the truth that God will do something special with your life if you will exercise faith in living out your purpose, no matter what.