Make visitors feel welcome. Communicate to visitors that you’re well prepared for them. Make your Website easy to use, state your service times on your sign, and clearly indicate where various places are inside your church (such as where visitors should drop off their children). Design the service so that it’s inviting and not intimidating to the unchurched. Try to make visitors feel as if they fit in. Let them know what to expect from the experience. Design your message and choose songs to be relevant and powerful for people at all spiritual levels. Teach like Jesus taught, through practical illustrations aimed to help people understand the message. Be sensitive to those who may not understand certain spiritual concepts; explain everything thoroughly.


Motivate members to invite friends. Remember that most visitors will come to your church at the invitation of your members. Understand that your current members are walking billboards for your church in the community; if they live out their faith well and speak positively about your church, people will be drawn to visit. Encourage your members to openly and regularly share their concerns about your church, and work to resolve problems so they’ll feel comfortable inviting people to visit.


Create value. Strive to make attending your church such a valuable experience that it distinguishably enhances people’s lives. Try to make it more valuable to them than spending their time somewhere else on Sunday morning (or whenever you hold your worship services). Work to make church so worthwhile for people that they feel as if they’re missing something valuable if they stay home or choose an alternative activity.


Develop an atmosphere that fosters growth. Pay close attention to how closely you and other leaders in the church are walking with God. Keep in mind that people should be able to recognize that the Holy Spirit is active in your lives and in your church – it’s the cornerstone of the atmosphere you create. Instill a vision into all staff and volunteers of the type of church they’re part of and the atmosphere they should deliberately create for visitors. Inspire everyone to do their best to give each visitor the best experience they possibly can. At every service, communicate clearly what the steps are along the journey of progressing in maturity at your church. (For example: attendance, salvation experience, growth groups, membership, leadership class, volunteering, full-time staff.) Encourage people regularly to move up to the next level. Strive to create worship experiences that challenge believers, yet also make them walk away wishing that their unsaved friends had been there.