Christians, particularly those in the affluent West, might well begin re-engagement by apologizing for the fields we have abandoned in pursuing our own personal peace. We are not each responsible for every fight -- none of us are "faster than a speeding bullet" -- however, we all ought to be fighting somewhere. Breast-beating should be short in duration -- there are still battles before us. Sacrifices must be made as we re-prioritize our time, talents, and treasure to reflect those of the Great Commissioner. By leaving the dead to bury the dead, by not looking back once we have put our hand to the plow, by engaging our culture with God's Good News, we can further God's Kingdom and beat back the usurping forces of the evil one -- a super analogy from one of the first big films of the summer.

Marc T. Newman, PhD ( is the president of -- an organization that provides sermon and teaching illustrations from popular film, and helps the Church use movies to reach out to others and connect with people.

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