In addition to supporting sermon themes and illustrations, videos can be used to show a compelling testimony, add humor, or as a closer. 


"With the advent of video in mainstream church ministry, we have seen a dramatic increase in our sermon effectiveness as well as the tremendous impact that a carefully crafted video illustration or video vignette brings to the service setting," says Pastor Steve Mohr, who leads a post-modern church of 350 plus in the Assemblies of God denomination in rural Seattle. "We use [video] materials for a welcome/greeting transition; humorous interludes, as well as serious media to set up the message or to enhance a point of the message."


One area where we have seen explosive growth is in the use of videos for worship. In the video Galaxy, by Highway Video, the producers created compelling images of the universe with graphics and animation. Visual metaphors are used along with worship music to usher in an extraordinary worship experience.


Pastor Scott Keller of Skyline Community Church in O'Fallon, Illinois states, "[Videos] have provided our creative team with fresh ideas, such as using a video along with our own praise band to play live over the video. It looked like we had spent hours putting it together and it made a huge impact." 


There are numerous videos to support virtually every category topic. What touches an individual? It may be the music, the words on the screen, or the story itself. Whatever part of the service they are used, videos can enhance our experience with God, help drive home the message we are trying to communicate, and add impact and effectiveness to the church experience.


With the excellent media sources available today, I encourage you to go beyond the "normal" routine, and try adding a new video component to your service.  You may be surprised at the results.


George Temple is President of Sermonspice, located in Fresno, CA