Things a pastor and local church can do to mobilize men and women to see their work as a calling and ministry from God.

Become a workplace ministry-friendly church. Here are some ideas and strategies.

1.      Establish a team of intercessors to pray for workplace believers, businesses, and pray for God to raise up a strategy of ministry to workplace believers in your church.

2.      Present examples of workplace transformation to your body to inspire personal application in different types of workplace environments.

3.      Preach sermons related to workplace applications. Form a team of workplace believers from different vocations to give input on the type of sermons that should be preached to address the felt needs of those in the workplace.

4.      Do a survey among those in the church on a Sunday or other day that asks this question:

How might our church help you apply your biblical faith in the context of your daily work life? Provide five ideas our church could do that would help you do this.

5.      Start an on-going workplace ministry/outreach that mobilizes your entire congregation into the workplace. His Church at Work can launch a WorkLife Support Center online for your church. (start here Also check out in the workplace. com

6.      Preach a series of messages on the priesthood of all believers in the context of work. Preach on the five-fold ministry in Ephesians 4 and how these gifts and offices are in the workplace.

7.      Remove formal titles of church staff that would tend to place them spiritually above members in the church but reinforce that each person’s call is equal in the site of God. (This does not mean church leaders are not the spiritual leaders and shepherds).

8.      Avoid addressing or favoring only those “in business” or those with influence.  Equip and train the whole work force for ministry in the workplace.  Be inclusive of the entire congregation including mothers, students, executives, construction workers and professionals. We often isolate the masses by this emphasis and our language.  Read our important article on the subject (Is Your Message being Minimized?)

9.      Affirm workplace believers that their call is equal to vocational ministries. (see our article on Work as Ministry and other articles on the workplace movement in our article section of

10.  Understand the problem that often separates workplace believers from church leaders. Read our “Dear Pastor...” letter from a member. This will help you see the heart of a workplace believer.

11.  Affirm workplace believers through church commissioning services focused on the church recognizing and confirming their calling (vocation) in a formal way.  

12.  There are hundreds of workplace ministries that can be a resource for your local church. See our international Workplace Ministry Directory that can identify workplace ministries that can assist you in your area. These ministries can often provide helpful advice and equipping resources.

13.  Provide discipleship opportunities for your people. Several workplace ministries offer online devotions. Os Hillman’s TGIF Today God Is First email devotional is a free daily email that helps men and women apply biblical faith in their daily workplace. (  Marketplace-Network is another resource ( ( for churches)