A Backhanded Gift

One of the positive aspects of the release of "The Da Vinci Code" is that parishioners are probably more open to hearing their pastors teach on church history than ever before. If five years ago pastors announced a Wednesday night sermon series on The Church Fathers, the Council of Nicea, and How We Got the Bible, my guess is that attendance would be down. But now they can teach the same thing, and the pews will be packed. It just has to be called "Breaking, Demolishing, Deconstructing, Exposing and Otherwise Whupping the Tar Out of The Da Vinci Code!"

There is nothing like anticipated opposition to motivate Christians to get ready. More than a dozen books have been written to expose the flaws in "The Da Vinci Code." Get a good one and read it. If the existence of the book and the film are what it takes to challenge Christians to learn their own history, then Dan Brown may have given the Church a much-needed gift – one that will extend beyond anyone's remembrance of his film.

Marc T. Newman, PhD (marc@movieministry.com) is the president of MovieMinistry.com, an organization that provides sermon and teaching illustrations from popular film, and helps the Church use movies to reach out to others and connect with people.

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