Movie reviews for a Christian audience from a Christian perspective are just a fraction of what we do here at Crosswalk, where our mission as an online Christian living magazine takes on all aspects of a believer's interaction with the world around us.

But compiling this article every year might be our favorite project of all. Why? Well, it gives us a chance to experience stories. To compare notes, and discuss differences. To unearth nuggets of Our Great Story in the art of others. To laugh, cry, and think. And sometimes, yes, to pray... for forgiveness and healing from our past (see 12 Years a Slave)... for courage to live (as in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty)... for help in maturing (kinda like The Way, Way Back)... for a more Christ-like heart within us (such as the one displayed by the title character in Philomena)... for the will to act (see Prisoners)... for love to be the answer (ala Mud)... or even to have the awful taste of what we just digested expunged from our mouths (yes, sometimes we see films like The Family or Beautiful Creatures so you don't have to).

We know not every film is for everyone. Art is subjective, and can be subversive. And just because we are proud to name a difficult, heavy film like 12 Years a Slave our Movie of the Year for 2013 does not mean we believe it is appropriate for all audiences. As always, please remember to read our reviews (or those of other reputable Christian review sites) for cautions and disturbing elements before deciding what to watch and what to skip.

And now, without further ado, we present's Top 10 Films of 2013...



Desolation of Smaug

Here because: ...we named last year's installment, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, our movie of the year for 2012 for themes like the value of home, never underestimating others or ourselves, leaving our comfort zones, and how darkness is kept at bay not through might, but everyday kindness. As the middle section of (in Peter Jackson's world, anyway) a 3-part story, however, Desolation of Smaug is naturally lighter on exposition and themes, and heavy on action. Still, our story is moved along in exciting and creative ways that entertained audiences of all ages. This December's finale will cement Jackson's legacy with Tolkien's material for better or worse.

From our review: "Excess can still be felt in this second chapter... but the bloat is gone... It's still Lord of the Rings-lite, though darker than its Hobbit predecessor, nevertheless standing out as a premium Hollywood entertainment that can still teach other blockbuster lit-franchises a thing or two." ~Jeffrey Huston

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