The film does attempt to interject some morality into its story, as when two characters discuss slavery and religion. “We’re all slaves to something,” says one. There’s a truth to that statement (Romans 6:17-18), but like the rest of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the filmmakers can’t quite figure out which way to go with it. It’s just one example of how the film skirts the truth while fumbling the fiction. In short, the film has an incoherence that results in a tangled mess of Civil War history and vampire lore.

Perhaps we should count it a blessing rather than a curse that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is instantly forgettable. Historical stories need not always be overly reverent. Different takes on history can awaken us to facets we never considered before. But this film’s multiple failures keep us from thinking beyond its surface shortcomings. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has plenty of blood, but it needed more bite.


  • Language/Profanity: “Godd-mn”; “pr-ck”; “balls”; “son of a b-tch”; “dam-it.”
  • Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Multiple scenes of drinking.
  • Sex/Nudity: A man and woman have sex in a bathtub, and the woman’s bare back is seen; kissing.
  • Violence/Crime: Young Abraham wields an axe in anger; a boy is whipped; a bullet to the head, with a hole shown in man’s eye; beheading; bodies dangle, with blood draining from them into receptacles; zombie shoved into fire; a gun is pointed and cocked; brawling; vampires bite the necks of their victims; a stampede; scenes of battle and warfare.
  • Marriage: Lincoln proposes to Mary Todd; a wedding scene; vampire hunters are advised to have no friends, family or attachments.
  • Religion/Morals: The film opens with a quote from Genesis 17; a vow to cast aside vengeance in the pursuit of vampires; real power is said not to come from hate but from truth; silver is explained as a curse to vampires, rooted in Judas’ payment of 30 pieces of silver; a vampire hunter says he seen vampires among pharmacists, innkeepers and pastors; Mary says common-looking people are the best in the world, and that’s why the Lord made so many of them; men are said to have invented gods as a way to forgive themselves for owning slaves; Lincoln quotes the Bible verse about putting away childish things.

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