10. Irresistible reading
C.S. Lewis may have written the series for kids, but Danielle likes reading The Chronicles of Narnia anyway. However, her favorite author, she says, is Minneapolis pastor and founder of Desiring God Ministries, John Piper.

9. Drama queen
If singing didn’t work out, Danielle would probably be acting. “I loved drama in high school,” she comments.

8. A glamour queen without the effort
Danielle’s fashion advice? “Don’t care too much about it.” Overalls used to be her outfit of choice for Caedmon’s Call performances, but lately she’s decided that the only girl in the band should look like a girl. 

7.  Mmm ... bribery
If you’re going to bribe Danielle, rocky road ice cream is the way to go. She also likes sugary snacks at the end of the day –– usually either ice cream or cereal. She actually buys the sugar-packed cereals strictly for late-night snack attacks.

6. Making needlepoint chic again
While two children under age 4 have pretty much eliminated any time for hobbies for Danielle, she likes to write and has tried needlepoint. A daisy she framed for her mother-in-law is Danielle’s proudest needlepoint accomplishment—and perhaps the only project she’s finished.

5. Dr. Danielle?
In case you haven’t figured it out yet, Danielle is a parent. And those domestic demands have given her wisdom. Danielle counsels on unconditional love in the face of constant change. “They change as they get older,” Danielle says, “But the love needs to remain consistent, and you need to communicate that in a way they can receive––and that will be different with each child.”

4. Now for the worst question ever …
If you’re going to interview Danielle, don’t ask her: “If you were a food or animal, what would you be?” She hates that question. “I’m not one of those people who comes up with a clever answer,” Danielle says, “Cliff is good at that.”

3. Playing dress up
In answer to her favorite dress-up outfit as a kid: “Wonder Woman, by far,” Danielle says without thinking, recalling a Halloween when she was 4 or 5. While pregnant with Rachel, one of the first things she thought of were cute little Halloween costumes. Last year, the kids dressed up as bunnies for their neighborhood’s block party.

2. She’s not one of the guys
Being the only girl in an otherwise all-guy band is no easy feat. But being a “girly-girl” has pulled her through.  “I don’t ever get accused of being one of the guys,” she says, “and I like that.”

1. Normal is as normal does
Danielle is so incredibly normal, she finds it odd that anyone would even want to read this article. “The only time I have anything in my life that is at all different than most people reading this article is that I get up on a stage and sing for an hour and a half a couple times a week,” Danielle says.

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