F:  I'm working on a new novel now, Evolution.  It's just tough, a lot of research and it's supposed to be a kind of comedy, which I've never done before, so.  I've always been one to kind of shy away from the pack.  I don't want to do what everybody else is doing.   Everybody's doing thrillers.  I've done thrillers.  I want to do a comedy this time.  I'm not going to do an end times book, man! 


J:  Laughter.


F:  I cannot believe how many end times books there are.  We don't need another end times book.  I have a big enough challenge dealing with the Christian right right where I am.  I don't need to be dabbling in worlds that might not even happen.  So..., but that's a whole other subject. 


J:  What kind of themes would you deal with in a comedy?


F:  Well, in the comedy.  I don't know.  I'm doing Evolution now and I'm dealing with the heart level issues in that.  You know, cause evolution is not scientifically driven, it's ideologically driven, so there's a whole mentality, a whole heart attitude and denial involved there.  You can do a lot with that.  You can create a whole crazy lie and a whole crazy story around it, and uh, so... it's intriguing. 


J:  I know they probably want me to talk more about [inaudible]  My brain is fried...


F:  Oh, yeah, that's the hot button for the day. 


F:  Well, see, you know all the basics.  My, my, basically Frank Perretti's angle would be the big picture, the long range goal.  That's the kind of the thing I'm going to be emphasizing.  Cause I want God's people and everybody to pick up that vision.  Like you say, "Quit whining."  No, you didn't say that.  The last interviewer said that.  The last interviewer said, "Quit whining and get behind these things."  If there's a good film out there, see it, buy it on video, talk it up, because it takes bucks to make these movies, and it we're making crummy movies we don't deserve your support, but if we're doing our best to make good movies and we're going to learn and do better every time and then that's a good place to put your support.  Buy a ticket once in a while.


J:  Yeah, it's not a sin to go to the movies.


F:  The other thing is if your kids are going to have an overnighter or a sleepover or something instead of getting them a gory slash em up movie or something kind of hokey, get em.  They'll all scream and have a good time and it won't be a dangerous movie for them.  It's not suitable for little kids because it's spooky and scary, but there's no swearing in it, there's no sex in it, there's no gratuitous violence in it.  There are some chases and some grabs and some out of the darks at you and things like that, but, the uh, one of our challenges we kind of embraced at the front was, let's see how scary we can get without getting bloody or violent.  Hitchcock used to be really good at that.  He could scare you to death, but you'd never see....so, you know.