Other:  [Inaudible]


J:  You're actually appearing in the movie.  Tell me about that.


F:   Oh, yes!   I play the part of Algernon Wheeling, the eccentric scientist, forensic egghead, whatever he is.  Um, I kind of wrote it as a comical character when I wrote the book and when we started making the movie and...  They right away, Algernon, they just pointed me So, I do Algernon.  That was a lot of fun.  That was my first big movie acting.  Yeah, my motion picture debut.  I've done Mr. Henry, then I did Mr. Henry, did I do anything else?  I did the Mr. Henry audios which was a lot of voice work.  I think this was the first actual movie movie I've ever been in.  So that was fun. 


J:  When is it going to be released?


F:  September 12th.  Is it Dallas/Fort Worth?  Yeah, Dallas and Fort Worth, Chicago, Oklahoma City, Louisville, Nashville and Spokane are our six.  We're going to start there and if we get the rear ends in the seats and do well, then we can go somewhere else.  We're going to do Faithful in the Little Things.


J:  Yeah, well we'll be sure to try and get there. 


F:  Yeah, get rear ends in the seats!


Other:  Tell your friends to get their in Nashville.