While Bailey gains soul satisfaction from her ministry, her heart just breaks at times because of the gut-wrenching suffering she has witnessed. In Western Saharan refugee camps, for example, 250,000 people have been stranded in the desert for 27 years. In addition to needing the Gospel, children there have never eaten vegetables or fruit. “Sand is all they’ve ever seen and their bodies have never been emerged in water,” Bailey adds. ”There are a lot of suffering people, a lot of hurting people out there, but you see in scripture – in Exodus 3:10 – God says to Moses, ‘I’ve seen the suffering of the people. I’ve heard their cry; their oppression has come up to Me.’


“We can see that God is very much aware of the suffering that is going on around the world,” says Bailey. “However, in the next verse, He comes down by sending Moses. That’s why there’s a need for us to get equipped, be prepared to be an extension of God – sent out to those who are suffering.”

MTM: Where the Inner City Meets International Missions


Statistics reveal that less than 1 percent of African American and Hispanics get involved in foreign missions.   This lack of involvement is due to the lack of information, not lack of passion, says Dr. Patricia Bailey. “So, local churches need to bring missions awareness to the minority communities.”

Through MTM Inner-City, pastors are taught strategic mission strategies. As a consultant to local churches, Bailey analyzes the needs of the local assembly and helps the congregation to transform into an “Outreach-Mined” church.

Y.U.G.O. (Young Adults United for Global Outreach) is the missions training component of Master's Touch Ministries. Y.U.GO. brings missions to the inner city to enable youth “to reach beyond economical and cultural barriers and to put feet to their convictions.” Y.U.G.O. does not exclude any race. However, it embraces all people groups in an effort to bring racial reconciliation beginning with the youth.

It consists of a combination of training sessions and street evangelism. Youth and young adults participate in step team competitions, drama, poetry reading, and rap and neo soul worship. The college students and teens are allowed to demonstrate their love for Christ in their own unique way.