Be careful what you say to God. Experience has taught me that He often answers a prayer, even if it's mumbled. One day I muttered, "Lord, I know I have been preaching the gospel every day to groups of unsaved people, but I really need to do some one-to-one."

Later that day, I was in our call center when I noticed two temporary signs for our ministry. We had had them made while were waiting on a permit to create a special "Living Waters Publications" sign, incorporated into a waterfall.

I grabbed the signs off a table and decided I would tie one of them to the back gates of the ministry, so that at least delivery drivers would know that they were in the right location. I didn't realize that our ministry manager had asked one of the employees to hang the signs.

As I picked them up, Danny (the employee) asked a friendly, "What are you doing with those signs?" I was his boss, so I just smiled, put them behind my back as I walked away and said, "These are the signs that follow those who believe."

As I tied the sign to the fence, a man across the alley called out, "What's that? Living Waters?"

"It's a publishing company."


"We also produce a TV show called 'The Way of the Master.'"

The man, in his early fifties, began to walk toward me. "Oh yeah?"

"It's a Christian program. Do you have a Christian background?"


"Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?"

"Yeah. I think so."

"Where do you think you will go when you die?"

"Heaven, I hope."

"What's your name?"


"I'm Ray, Fred. There's a little test you can do to see where you are going. Want to try it?


"Are you a good person?"


"Have you ever told a lie?"

As we went through the Commandments, Fred admitted to lying, stealing, and blasphemy.

I then explained that lust was adultery in God's sight and asked if he had ever lusted after a woman.


"Huh? Are you a homosexual?"

"No! Oh, I see what you're saying. Yes, I have."

He was very concerned that if he died then and there he would end up in Hell, so I explained the gospel to him, took him into our lobby, and gave him a copy of my book What Hollywood Believes.