"Heaven, I hope."

I then went through almost exactly the same wording as with Fred, and walked them back to the lobby to give them "What Hollywood Believes" CDs, as they didn't read books.

"What are your names again?" (I should have been wearing Jon's T-shirt.)

They then told me their names (again), and I said, "Those are unusual names."

"Yeah. They're gang-banger names."

"Can you remember my name?"


"No, it's 'Ray.'"

I spotted EZ, our manager, as we entered the lobby, so I called him over and introduced him, explaining that he used to be a gang-banger. After EZ shared his testimony with them, I gave them some material and said, "If someone puts a gun to your head and pulls the trigger, it means Hell forever. Can we pray for you guys?" The talkative one said, "Sure. Pray for this homeboy."

I did pray for them, thanking God that they were open, asking that He would remind them of their sins against Him, and give them understanding about what we had spoken about.

I then went outside and finished hanging the sign, and walked back into the lobby. While I had been witnessing to the gang-bangers, I noticed two people talking to my wife in the packing room. One was an attractive blond, the other was a gentleman in his early twenties. As I entered the building, he was seated in the lobby.

"Hi, I'm Ray. What's your name?"

"Ryan. I'm from Pitney Bowes. I was just checking your postage machine."

"Did you get a free book?"


"Oh. I'll get you one. It's called What Hollywood Believes. Have you had a Christian background?"


"What do you think happens after someone dies? Do you believe in Heaven and Hell?"

"No. You just die."

"Are you an atheist?"

"Yes, I am, actually."

"See this building? How do you know there was a builder? Isn't the building proof that there was a builder, even though you have never seen him?"


"Same with a painting and a painter. The painting is proof that there was a painter. When you look at creation, that proves there was a Creator."