Amazingly, Ryan nodded in agreement and quietly mumbled something about the complexity of life forms.

"Do you consider yourself to be a good person?"

He did, but as I was about to take him through the Law, the door opened and the blond returned from the restroom. That made the situation a little awkward, so I gave her a book, signed it, and asked, "Do you have a Christian background?"

"I was raised a Mormon, and have just started going back to church."

I didn't want to get into a debate about Mormonism, so I explained to her (I've forgotten her name) that I was talking to Ryan about a test to see if he was good enough to get into Heaven. "Listen in. It's interesting. Ryan, there are four simple questions. Are you ready?"

He nodded.

"Have you ever told a lie?"

After we went through the Law, Ryan admitted that if God judged him by the Ten Commandments, he would end up in Hell.

"Does that concern you?"

"Not up until I talked with you."

I then took him through the cross, repentance, and faith, talked about the importance of getting right with God that day, and they were on their way.

Wow! I thought about how, in thirty minutes, I had witnessed to six people face to face, and how faithful God is to bring prepared people to us if we are prepared to speak to them.

Then I remembered what I had in my pocket. It was a new tract that read: "Here's my phone number. Give me a call the day you are going to die, and we will talk further about eternity." It brought home the truth that we don't know when we are going to die, so we had better make peace with God today. I should have given each of these six people one of those tracts! I consoled myself by mumbling, "Never mind. There will be other times."

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