Embrace certainty in a relativistic age.  Attitudes of moral and intellectual relativism are commonplace throughout our society today, but God has revealed absolute truth through the Bible, and He wants you to choose to embrace that truth, even when others around you are falling victim to misguided, relativistic philosophies. 

Slow down in a frantic age.  Life often moves at too fast a pace in our society to be healthy.  God wants you to rediscover the proper rhythm of life, living free of the burden of hurry. 

Value everyone in a segmented age.  Our society segments people in many ways, such as by gender, race, age, nationality, education, and income.  But God calls you to look for His image in the face of everyone you meet. 

Come to your senses.  Acknowledge the reality of sin in your life that is limiting you and and afflicting you with the brokenness that's causing you to feel incomplete.  Then let that awakening motivate you to turn to Jesus, who can restore you to a healthy condition and empower you to live a fulfilling life.  Keep pursuing Jesus persistently, learning more and growing closer to Him every day.  Communicate with Him often through prayer and open your heart to follow where He leads you as He restores your soul. 

Ask Jesus to give you a pure heart.  Pray for the ability to devote yourself to God and invite His love to flow through you to other people. 

Ask Jesus to renew your mind.  Pray for the ability to develop your mental capacity to its fullest and keep learning every new day that you're alive. 

Ask Jesus to give you a new spirit.  Pray for the ability to develop your spiritual capacity to its fullest.  Cultivate it through such spiritual disciplines as worship, prayer, Bible reading, meditation, solitude, silence, and fasting. 

Ask Jesus to rebuild your relationships.  Pray for the ability to heal the broken relationships in your life by loving, forgiving, and accepting other people. 

Ask Jesus to rekindle your creativity.  Pray for the ability to identify, develop, and express the talents that God has given you to help make the world a better place. 

Ask Jesus to help you live harmoniously.  Pray for the ability to become the complete, whole person God created you to be, pulling together the different aspects of your life into a harmonious lifestyle that is faithful to Him throughout your daily life. 

Ask Jesus to keep you focused on God's purposes for your life.  Pray for the ability to keep working toward fulfilling God's purposes for you. Respond to His calls to serve others, and expect that, as you do, God will keep increasing your capacity to love. 

Adapted from About You: Fully Human, Fully Alive, copyright 2010 by Dick Staub. Published by Jossey-Bass, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc., San Francisco, Ca., www.josseybass.com
Dick Staub is an award-winning broadcaster, writer, and speaker who is fascinated with today's spiritual quest, so often disconnected from organized religion.  He is the host of The Kindlings Muse podcast, an intelligent, imaginative, hospitable exploration of ideas, sparked by our shared experiences in art, movies, books, and music (www.TheKindlings.com).  He is also the author of Christian Wisdom of the Jedi Masters, The Culturally Savvy Christian (both from Jossey-Bass) and Too Christian, Too Pagan.

Publication date: November 8, 2010