Third, in God's economy, it is absolutely necessary that we develop the habit of praying for God-called preachers because only God has effectual power when the progress of the gospel is at stake. The progress of the gospel is in jeopardy when left in the hands of unfaithful men. As noted, only God can cause preachers to be faithful. Additionally, the progress of the gospel is in jeopardy when assaulted by the actions of wicked men. As noted, only God can deliver His preachers from assault. That is why prayer on their behalf is so critical: the very advance of the gospel is at stake.


Only God knows what gospel fires will be kindled by faithful saints when they fan the flickering flames with heart-felt prayer for God's preachers. You may be one of those saints. Think about this massive declaration from Andrew Murray: "The man who mobilizes the Christian church to pray will make the greatest contribution to world evangelization in history." You may be that man, woman, boy, or girl. You may think you cannot do much, but you can pray, and in so doing, hold men up that the gospel might be held out.

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