Further, "An NBC affiliate ran a poll on its website asking readers whether they approved of this trend or not. Last time I checked it, 72 percent of readers said they thought the trend was wrong. Even the world knows something is off here."


The world sees this move as compromise, as a lack of commitment to Christ, or to our claim, and no doubt as hypocritical. Surely and sadly, we are sending the message that Christ is not as important as we generally make Him out to be. Is that the message you want your church to send to a lost and dying world?


Fifth, there is the issue of replacing a focus on Christ with a focus on family. While family is certainly important, family means nothing apart from Christ. Moreover, if we vote to close the church on Sunday simply because Christmas falls on Sunday, what message do we send to our children? We in effect tell them that things are more important than Christ. We tell them that Christ is simply too inconvenient sometimes and that He is not really that important.


When we focus on the presents of Christmas morning to the exclusion of the worship of our God, we echo the words of Michael Douglas from the movie "Wall Street," "Greed is good." Materialism has come home to roost and we have become idolaters.


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