Can you imagine this for a moment? One minute he’s there, walking with God in a spiritual sense and then, in the next second, literally walking with God. Having sought His face, he then beheld it.


We don’t know about bad times for Enoch, but we do know that he lived in the pre-flood era, a time when men were becoming “corrupt and wicked.” (Genesis 6) For a man of God to live in a time of wickedness is difficult. We today who walk in the Light should know this situation well.


We also know that Enoch was born in the 7th generation after Adam and three before Noah, whose family alone survived the great flood of Genesis 6. According to the records of the family from Adam to Enoch (through the lineage of Seth), Adam alone had died a natural death. All the rest were still very much alive.


But the important thing to note about Enoch is that he walked with God before God took him up and that he did so for three hundred years. He didn’t wait until the sweet “by and by” to have constant fellowship with God, but grabbed hold of the minutes in the every day to deepen their relationship.


John Darby, in his Exposition of the Bible, said it like this:


This is very important and very precious. If we walk with God, we have the testimony that we please Him; we have the sweetness of communion with God, the testimony of His Spirit, His intercourse with us in the sense of His presence, the consciousness of walking according to His word, which we know to be approved by Him -in a word, a life which, spent with Him and before Him by faith, is spent in the light of His countenance and in the enjoyment of the communications of His grace and of a sure testimony, coming from Himself that we are pleasing to Him. A child who walks with a kind father and converses with him, his conscience reproaching him with nothing-does he not enjoy the sense of his parent's favour?[2]


Who Were They: Noah and Abraham


What Did They Do: You could not have gone to Sunday school and church as a small child and not know the stories of Noah and Abraham. They are the men our youthful songs are made up of.


"The Lord said to Noah, ‘There’s gonna be a floody-floody…’” and “Father Abraham, had many sons; many sons had Father Abraham….”


Noah, Genesis 6 tells us, found favor in the eyes of God while the rest of the world lived in corruption. This was a very bad time in the history of man. We know, based on God’s words to Noah, from the time Noah got the word to build a boat until the actual flood, was 120 years. That’s a long time to work on a God-project with no proof that what you are doing is even necessary. But, look at what these lines of Scripture tell us:

Genesis 6: 9:
  Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.

            Genesis 6:22: Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

            Genesis 7:5    And Noah did all that the LORD commanded him