Noah’s faith preceded the warnings about the flood, held true during the instructions from God, and stayed on course just before the floodgates opened.


Abraham’s story is fascinating. Nearly everything (though not all) about it shouts: MAN OF FAITH! He is not noted for one single act of faith, but by many acts of faith. Even within the verses of Hebrews 11 we learn that:


1)      Abraham was willing to leave his home for a place God had prepared for him, even though he didn’t know where it was.

2)      He lived as a nomad in a place that was foreign to him, and raised his children there.

3)      He looked forward to a city with foundations, whose architect and builder is God.

4)      He believed and was enabled to become a father, not only as an old man but also by a barren woman. From his seed would come not just one, but also billions.

5)      When tested, Abraham was willing to lay his son Isaac on the altar and sacrifice him if need be. But by his words found in the Genesis story, we can ascertain that not once did Abraham lose the belief that from Isaac would not die and by him would come many nations.


Who Were They: Isaac and Jacob


What Did They Do: Isaac, the son of Abraham, was the father of twin boys, Esau and Jacob. Esau was the older and the one closest to his father’s heart because of their common interests. When Isaac blessed his sons, he thought he was giving the “good blessing” to his older boy, but rather had been conned by the younger, Jacob.


This was, however, how God had intended it. Isaac was a man who trusted God and God did not falter from His ultimate plan for His people, in spite of Isaac’s devotion to Esau.


Jacob…well, Jacob was a bit of a con artist. No…not a bit of one…he was one! Yet, God loved him dearly and placed on him a patriarchal calling. From Jacob’s sons would come the twelve tribes of Israel.