What About You?

Remarkable. If you have the time, go to Hebrews 11 and study in detail those mentioned there. Con artists, murderers, slaves, adulterers, and prostitutes manage to find their names among those who are icons of the faith because of their belief. There’s nothing perfect about a single one…and yet they are united by two words: they believed.


According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, one of the definitions of “believe” is “to have a firm conviction.” The men and women mentioned in Hebrews 11 were people of “firm conviction.” If you go back to the list, check out what each of them did specifically that proved them to be believers. Now, ask yourself: in the same circumstances, could you have done the same? Could you make the same sacrifices and choices?


Could you, like Enoch, walked with God though everyone else lived within the sensual pleasures? Could you, like Noah, have stayed with the boat plans…for 120 years? Could you, like Abraham, have laid your son on an altar or left your home without a map or a direction? Could you, like Moses, returned to a land where you were considered a criminal, only to lead several million people to their freedom?


Allow me to you a bit further. Grab a piece of paper and right now write down all the things you believe about God. Now…why do you believe it?

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