Some problems loom so large over the landscape of your life that they seem insurmountable. But, just as David defeated Goliath in Bible times, you can defeat modern giants like persistent sins, overwhelming fears, and powerful addictions.


God will give you some spiritual stones to kill these giants so you can enjoy the freedom He wants for you.


Here’s how you can crush persistent problems in your life:


Identify the giants in your life. Ask God to help you clearly understand exactly what’s threatening you. Is anxiety paralyzing you? Are you bogged down in depression? Do cravings for alcohol, drugs, food, or sex overwhelm you and lead you down the wrong roads? Are anger, pride, or laziness spoiling your relationships? Honestly examine your life so you know what to fight. Think about the origins of your giants. Pour out your thoughts and feelings to God in prayer.


Look for God’s strength in your weakness. Realize that God can take your greatest failures and weaknesses and turn them into your greatest successes and strengths. Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit each day. Understand that your problems can become powerful tools for your healing, helping you trust God more and open your mind up to the transformation He brings. Remember that, in Christ, you have been forgiven. So decide to think, feel, and act as a forgiven person. Know that there is real hope for your future. Confess your weakness to God and rely on His strength rather than your own.


Be determined. Understand that your spiritual battles in this fallen world will last your whole life. Ask God to give you the determination and endurance you need to keep fighting, and renewed courage and strength for each battle. Rest in the knowledge that God will walk beside you every day.


Know who God says you are. Don’t let the giant of shame defeat you. Fight it by embracing the truth of who God says you are – a person He has created uniquely and wonderfully to fulfill great purposes; someone whom He loves deeply and unconditionally. Base your identity on who you are as God’s child rather than what you have done in the past, what others say about you, your own feelings or temptations, etc. Have confidence that your identity rests solely upon the truth of who your Father says you are.


Gain a divine perspective. Don’t let the giant of discouragement defeat you. Ask God to give you His perspective on your problems so you can see that there is hope for you. Notice how God is working to bring good out of any bad situation in your life. Thank God for the creative ways He has engineered, and is still engineering, your life. Then face your circumstances from God’s point of view.