Tend to your wounds. Consider what the pain in your life is trying to tell you. Ask God to help you understand where you are hurting and how He wants to heal you. Memorize and meditate on Scripture verses that can be packed into your wounds to foster healing. Let your scars remind you of God’s healing work in your life.


Pursue intimacy with God. Don’t let the giant of fear defeat you. Know that you can enjoy God’s protection when you draw close to Him. Come near to God and He will come near to you. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you a glimpse of what your life would be like if you were free from all fear.


Enthrone God in your heart. Don’t let the giant of evil desires defeat you. Humble yourself and acknowledge that it’s God – not you – who should be in control of your life. Sacrifice selfish agendas and honestly seek God’s will. Worship God, and as you do, get a better sense of His love and majesty. Ask Him to give you the faith to you’ll need to trust and obey Him in all aspects of your life.


Pursue new dreams for the future. Don’t let the giant of enslavement to sin defeat you. Ask God to help you envision a future that’s much better than your present life. Ask Him to fill your mind with images of the future that will motivate you to set goals now for the things you want to accomplish for God – and begin working toward them. Begin using your God-given talents and seeking to live to fulfill your fullest potential in life. Don’t be limited by your own limitations. Instead, ask God for the resources you need (time, money, help from others, etc.) to accomplish His grand dreams for you.


Exchange lies for the truth. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you areas of your life in which you have believed a lie, and to lead you into all truth. Replace a wrong belief system (which leads to wrong feelings and then wrong behaviors) with a right belief system that will lead to healthy feelings and behaviors.


Listen for God’s voice. Tune out anything in your life that is distracting you from hearing God speak to you. Learn to be still and listen to God expectantly in prayer. Ask God questions. Listen for God’s voice calling to you from the pages of Scripture, circumstances, thoughts in your mind, and other creative ways. Consider the ways He has spoken to you in the past and ask Him to make you sensitive to His voice in the present.


Clear away whatever is blocking your progress. Ask God to reveal what sins might be hindering your relationship with Him – and therefore your spiritual growth. Don’t try to hide anything from God. Instead, decide to worship Him to gain the intimacy you need to break free of sin.