Psalm 25:14: Praise God for revealing His plan for the ages through Jesus Christ. Ask Him to help you discern His voice above the clamor of life and to honor and reverence Him so you can be His close companion and confidant.


Psalm 26:1-2: Praise God for His whole creation – both the material and spiritual worlds. Ask Him to help you present your whole being (thoughts, words, emotions, and actions) as a living sacrifice in your worship and living.


Psalm 63:3-4: Reach up to God, acknowledging His greatness and asking for more of Him in your life. Place yourself in a position of growth and expanding consciousness of and availability to Him and His will in your life.


Psalm 66:2,4: Express your gratitude to God in song. Don’t be self-conscious, worrying about the quality of your voice or the extent of your musical gifts. Instead, be conscious of God’s greatness and simply offer your praise to Him in a celebratory song.


Psalm 65:1-2: Remember that God knows your prayers even before you put them into words. Praise Him for the gift of language. Ask Him to help you make sure that your speech – both in worship and in everyday life – glorifies Him.


Psalm 119:5-6, 8: Praise God for the way worship can cause your spirit to soar, and for how His Word tells you what your life and your worship should be like. Ask Him to help you understand the Word and connect with Him in your times of praise.


Psalm 149:5-6: Decide to aggressively trust God, forcefully throwing yourself at His feet in the midst of your weakness to receive His strength. Don’t give into fear. Instead, boldly affirm God’s power to give you victory over the forces of evil.


Psalm 96:7-8: Praise God for blessing you with so many good gifts. Ask Him to help you be more content with what you receive. Try to give generously to support His work on Earth as a way of expressing your thanks to Him. Remember that Jesus gave His all for you to have eternal life.


Psalm 147:1: Tell God that you love to experience the beauty of His love becoming a part of you. Honor Him above all beautiful things in heaven and on Earth, because of who He is and His power to transform even the most sordid life into something beautiful.