Countless children around the world grow up crazy about dinosaurs. I myself even recently located my first-ever recorded "What do you want to be when you grow up" answer, to which I wrote: "a dinosaur bone digger-upper." These creatures have always fascinated us, if not for the theological and scientific debate their existence causes and the questions their extinction raises, then for the primal way they appear in dreams and fears, and the clever ways fictional shows and movies have postulated throwing dinosaurs and man into a setting and seeing what happens.

Author Darek Isaacs doesn't need Steven Spielberg to imagine this scenario for him, however. In the book Dragons or Dinosaurs: Creation or Evolution (Bridge-Logos, 2010), Isaacs studies in great detail (with loads of photos; you can even purchase an accompanying DVD) everything from cave paintings that look a heck of a lot like dinosaurs to stories recorded both in the Bible and around the world about creatures called dragons. Could it be that these legends are less mythical and have more of a factual basis that binds all of human-and-dinosaur existence together? We sat down with the author to find out.

(Watch the video version of this interview below)

Darek, the whole dinosaurs-and-man debate: not always a way to be popular within the scientific community. What brought you to the question of their possible co-existence?

It started by looking at the timeline of the Bible. If you look at Genesis 1, you have God creating - in the first six days - all the creatures. And the land creatures were created on Day Six, and that's when Adam & Eve were created. So from a biblical perspective, that doesn't leave any room for a 65-million-year gap between dinosaurs and man. Man and dinosaurs had to co-exist.

This project started a little more than a year ago. I did a dinosaur dig up in Montana. It was led by Otis Kline, the founder of the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, a museum based on biblical creation. He found a huge ceratopsian dinosaur, which is like the Triceratops with the horns coming out of the face, but this one isn't a triceratops because the horns don't come out the front, they actually come out to the side a bit, like a bull. It was huge, 34 feet long. They named the dinosaur Big John.

I was on the final excavation team, getting the very last remnants of the big dude out. As we're out there digging this thing out of the hard rock of the Montana badlands, the question was always there [in my mind]: Evolutionists claim this thing lived 65 million years ago; according to the Bible, we're dealing with thousands here. What gives?

That's where the whole thing really started to take shape for me. Then you also have the phenomenon of dragon legends which I knew about. What is remarkable about dragon legends is that they're in China, they're in Australia, they're in Africa, Europe, North America, South America… And really in one collective shout the whole world said, "There are these things called dragons that we're really scared of!" And, there is a lot of sensationalism attached to dragons, but if you scrape all that way, scrape all the pagan religion stuff that is dumped on top of them, you really have a very similar creature at the base of all of them: this huge, elongated reptile with a big, long neck, scales, some of them have wings, some of them do not, they climb in and out of the water, they're eating livestock, and humans are very afraid of them.

When you start matching them up with what we think dinosaurs looked like, pretty soon you start to realize, scale-for-scale, these things sound an awful lot alike! The only variable, of course, is when they existed. Evolution claims 65 million years ago, creationists say, hey, man and dinosaur had to exist together.