Well we should expect to see things go extinct; we should expect to see the decay of the natural world. But what happened was they had this built-in belief that God had a hand of preservation over all of Creation. They got that from the story of Noah. According to the story of Noah in Genesis, God wiped out the Earth, but did give us a single act of preservation when he said bring all of the land animals two-by-two onto the ark. Now people who in their ignorance didn't know the Bible looked at that and they failed to make the distinction that this was a one-time occurrence. And they thought at that point that God would always preserve all kinds of creatures throughout all time and space. So the Church built up a belief that extinctions were impossible. It wasn't until the year 1800 where a guy named Georges Cuvier, a French scientist who was not a Christian, started publishing his research that actually extinctions were taking place. And it shocked the Church, because all of a sudden this is one of the first big clashes between what the Church believed ("God won't allow anything to die out"), and Science going, "We have evidence things are dying out." And so only in 1800 did that belief start to change.

So if you can imagine living in the year 1750 and you hear all these stories about dragons, all these things about them climbing in and out of water, and disembowelings, and things like that, but you nor your friends have ever seen one, and you have this strong belief that God would never allow anything to go extinct, all of a sudden if something is not alive for you to see [in 1750], then it was never alive. And that is how and why they faded into myth.

One of the quotes from your book states, "For the rational mind, the evolutionary timeline is now kicking in its death throes." Sounds like you're pretty convinced. Most people might consider the "rational mind" to be on the other side of the argument. How do you counter that? 

am thoroughly convinced. I emptied every shot I have in this book. It is all the evidence that has convinced me. After you go through all the cave paintings, after you go through the archaeological evidence… after you get to the soft tissue found in Montana (what I mean by that is there was a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone found that still had red blood cells, still had soft, stretchable tissue, still had collagen protein fragments) …those can not last 70 million years, and everyone knows that, the evolutionists know that. Really it's one of the greatest discoveries in paleontological history to find these things in there, because it confirms the truth of the Bible.

And so when you add the dragon mythology, and you add the historical accounts of Pliny, when you add the fresh tissue inside dinosaur bone, and then all the evidence of all the archaeological findings, the only variable that doesn't add up is when evolutionists say they lived. And then you add the point that they are disregarding data if it points to God. To me, it is an open-and-shut case, but I don't think we'll ever destroy the theory of evolution. I don't think the theory of evolution will go away until Jesus Christ comes back. Because it's not about evidence to them, it's about them standing accountable to an Almighty God, and they do not want to be accountable to a God.

If then you are not going to change the minds of most of those in the scientific community who do not want to be accountable or who want to choose to ignore evidence, then what can you hope for? What can considering the idea that man and dinosaur co-existed - possibly in the form of dragons in stories from all around the world - do for the believer? 

I want to express to them and show to them the joy that I have found in the strength that our Bible is built on. And it is so encouraging to know that our Bible is the only complete and perfect worldview and the only thing that makes sense in this natural world. We can walk around in joy and know that our faith is being confirmed throughout all of nature. We need to pray for and love the evolutionists who are really struggling with this, because we know where this ends for them. My hope is that we can reach them, that's why we do what we do.

Darek Isaacs is an author, film producer and speaker, and President & Founder of Watchmen 33, an organization focused on defending and confirming the authority of the Bible. Darek graduated in May, 2010 with his Masters in Theological Studies from Liberty University. He frequently travels throughout the country for speaking and filming events. Darek maintains that only through the knowledge of Jesus Christ can the great mysteries of human existence be answered. Darek and his wife Tabitha live in Jacksonville, Alabama. 

Original publication date: July 7, 2010