If you’re like most people, you want your life to rise above the ordinary to experience true significance, peace, and joy. But no matter how hard you work to achieve an extraordinary life through accomplishments or relationships with others, you can never discover it on your own. Only God can give you the extraordinary life you desire.


Here are nine vital principles to help you discover an extraordinary life:


Complete surrender to God brings complete life.
Understand that you won’t make progress by placing your trust in your own limited abilities to get ahead in life. Ask God to help you stop relying on yourself and striving for worldly affirmation. Look to Him alone as the true source of your worth. Accept His deep, unconditional love for you, and let your gratitude for that love motivate you to submit all aspects of your life to Him. Remember that God wants to the absolute best for you. Trust Him to do what’s right in your life. Invite God to live through you, conforming your thoughts and actions to His will. Write a mission statement for your life based on the inspiration God gives you. Understand that fulfillment is ultimately the result of the Holy Spirit living inside you. Realize that God’s ultimate purpose for your life is to help you grow to be more and more like Jesus. Be alert for ways God might choose to get your attention: by making you restless, through words that someone speaks to you, by blessing you in an unusual way, through denying your prayer requests when your desires aren’t in sync with His, through disappointment, through unusual circumstances, through defeat, through financial troubles, or through tragedy or illness. Ask God what He wants you to learn from such circumstances. Ask Him to give you the faith you need to trust solely in Him.


God’s grace is the starting point.
Realize that grace is the only means to salvation; you can’t earn it. Understand that you can count also count on God’s grace to empower you to do anything He calls you to do here on Earth. Be assured that once you’re saved, you can’t lose your salvation – your eternal destiny is secure. Let your gratitude for this security motivate you to serve God with devotion and humility. Don’t get caught up in rules and regulations; let God give you the peace and contentment you need without having to strive for it. Be confident that you can always depend on God.


True effectiveness comes through intimacy with God.
Ask God to give you a passion to know Him better. Constantly pursue a more intimate relationship with Him. Make knowing God your highest goal. Lay aside any desire in your life that threatens to overtake pursuing God as your top priority. Spend time regularly in prayer, meditation, worship, and Bible reading, listening for God’s voice speaking to you. Remember that God isn’t a distant deity; He’s your heavenly Father who: desires an intimate relationship with you, longs to communicate with you, loves you unconditionally, meets all your needs, disciplines you out of love, guides you to do what’s right, and is always with you.