Trust the Lord, and He will move heaven and earth to accomplish His purpose.
Realize that God is perfect in His love, always doing what’s best for you. Know that God is infinite in wisdom. Understand that God is completely sovereign in His control over all of creation. Ask God to help you look beyond what you normally see to see what He sees, so that His perspective will help you trust Him more. Desire to know God and to be known by Him. Make a commitment to obey Him. Be confident that God will fulfill every promise He makes. Seek to live a lifestyle that’s dominated by faith in Jesus rather than selfish desires. Know that even when life doesn’t turn out the way you planned, God will ultimately be glorified, and you will be blessed, whenever you trust Him. Build a faith that conquers fear by recalling how God has worked in your life before, reexamining and reaffirming your motives, rejecting discouraging words from others, recognizing that the spiritual battle ultimately belongs to God, responding to challenges with positive confessions of faith, relying on God’s unlimited power, and being confident that God will give you victory over whatever situation is troubling you.


Obedience always brings blessing.
Realize that when you obey God, you will experience His blessing, and when you don’t, you will miss out on blessings you could be enjoying. Understand that obeying God in small matters is an essential step to receiving God’s greatest blessings. Recognize that your obedience always benefits other people as well. Expect that obeying God may require doing some things that appear to be unreasonable, because His perspective is different from yours. Trust that when you obey God, you won’t ever be disappointed. Realize that your obedience allows God to demonstrate His power in your life. Know that obeying God always results in deeper understanding. Understand that obeying God will result in dramatic changes in your life. Decide to do what God says, when He says, how He says, as long as He says, until what He says is accomplished. Trust God with your life and leave the consequences to Him. Learn to wait on God, meditate on His Word, and listen to the Holy Spirit. Be willing to walk away from decisions when the path is uncertain. Be willing to experience conflict. Accept God’s discipline with gratitude, knowing that He means it for your benefit. Ask God to forgive you for all the times you’ve failed to obey Him in the past. Ask Him to help you obey Him more faithfully as you move forward in life.


Knowing God’s will is worth the wait.
Realize that God’s timing is perfect and it’s always worthwhile to wait for it. Understand that, however long you must wait, God will always come through in the end. When you’re waiting: pray about your unmet needs, acknowledge the burdens you’re carrying, claim God’s promises in Scripture that relate to your situation, seek God’s direction and ask Him to help you discern true needs from mere desires, be willing to wait and ask Him to help you be patient, and thank God in advance for His provision. Whenever you’re facing an important decision, ask yourself: “Is it consistent with the Word of God?”, “Is this a wise decision?”, “Can I honestly ask God to enable me to achieve this?”, “Do I have genuine peace about this?”, “Does this fit who I am as a follower of Jesus?”, “Does this fit God’s overall plan for my life?”, and “Will this decision honor God?”. Turn all your expectations over to God and trust Him to bring about what’s best for you at the right time.