There are some really good things about you. You’ve been fearfully and wonderfully created in the image of God. And you probably see the rut you’ve dug for yourself and desire something much better, that’s good. But don’t be fooled: the sick mind that led you down the path of sickness won’t lead you to a place of health and wholeness. You’re not going to figure this out. You’ll have to reach beyond what’s in your head and reach out for the help you need.


Jeremiah 6:14 says: “They offer superficial treatments for my people’s mortal wounds” (New Living Translation). Take this Scripture as an admonition to treat your wounds appropriately rather than superficially. Get the help you need before the wound further infects you or those around you. Treat deeply what needs treating rather than just giving it the minimal amount of attention needed—hoping it will eventually go away. You’re worth the effort, and God will honor your efforts to get the help you need to heal what is broken in your soul.


The above piece is an adaptation from Healing Is A Choice: Ten Decisions That Will Transform Your Life & Ten Lies That Can Prevent You From Making Them, by Steve Arterburn. Nashville: Nelson Books, 2005.


Stephen Arterburn is the founder of New Life Clinics, the largest provider of Christian counseling and treatment in North America. As host of the daily New Life Live! radio program, he is heard nationally on over one hundred and eighty stations and at Steve is the creator of the Women of Faith® Conferences and is the author/coauthor of over thirty books, including Healing is a Choice, Lose it For Life, The God of Second Chances, Every Man’s Battle, and Avoiding Mr. Wrong.