Psalm 73. The psalm recounts the movement of a believer through doubt toward renewed faith.

Strobel, Lee. A Case for Christ. Strobel’s book puts Jesus (and the sources claiming his existence) to a series of tests. Though Strobel only interviews Christian experts, he still provides a good starting point for answering hard questions.

Stanley J. Ward is the Director of Campus Life and Ministry at The Brook Hill School in Bullard, TX. He is also author of Worldview Conversations: How to Share Your Faith and Keep Your Friends.

[1] Warning: if you are a Lewis fan looking for something akin to the Narnia books, this one is not the book for you. And for those of you who want to encourage someone in their own dark night of the soul, this probably is not the book either. (Although when Lewis published the book under a pseudonym – N.W. Clerk – several of his friends gave him copies of the book thinking it would help).

[2] The “models” argument borrows from C. S. Lewis, as mentioned in his book An Experiment in Criticism.

[3] Collins is the former director of the human genome project, and he is now director of the National Institute of Health.

[4] Polkinghorne won a Nobel prize for his work on religion and science.

[5] See John the Baptist’s question to Jesus in Matthew 11:2-3; John’s father, Zechariah’s doubt in Luke 1:18, and even the Bereans’ challenging Paul and searching the scriptures in Acts 17:11, an attitude which would hopefully challenge a few modern cults.