When your alarm clock goes off in the morning, do you wish you could just stay in bed? Do your struggles and responsibilities weigh you down with frustration, boredom, or hopelessness? If so, rest assured that God wants you to have a much better life – one that you enjoy! God will give you the ability to enjoy life, no matter what your circumstances.


Here’s how you can enjoy your life:


* Look for fulfillment in the right place. Stop looking for true and lasting satisfaction in the wrong places, such as through your work, personal pleasure, or accumulation of knowledge or material possessions. Realize that only God can provide the fulfillment you seek. Make a strong relationship with Him your top priority.


* Give yourself permission. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying the blessings God gives you. Understand that denying yourself enjoyment doesn’t somehow make you a more seriously spiritual person. Remember that God Himself is joyful and intends you to fully enjoy the gifts He gives you. Go ahead and have fun pursuing your interests, knowing that as long as you don’t engage in anything harmful, you can enjoy your pursuits.


* Notice God’s gifts, and thank Him for them. Make it a daily practice to thank God for each new day after you awaken. Throughout the day, keep a running list of specific things for which you’re grateful. Then, before going to bed, pray over your list, thanking God for each one. Don’t forget to acknowledge basic blessings, such as your freedom or ability to buy healthy food.


* Place the seasons of your life in God’s hands. Ask God to transform your attitudes and bring positive results out of negative situations as you travel through life’s seasons. Rely on God’s unchanging power in the midst of changes you experience in all aspects of your life. Rather than battling the season you currently find yourself in, ask God what He wants to you to learn from it, and trust Him to give you the encouragement and strength you need. Whenever you’re going through a tough time, serve other people to take your focus off yourself and find genuine enjoyment as God broadens your perspective. Know that, while life is unpredictable, your faith in God will always stand.


* Don’t isolate yourself. Understand that God has created all human beings to engage in relationships – with Him and each other. Make sure you’re investing plenty of time and energy in relationships, which will give you lots to enjoy. Pray about specific challenges in your relationships, trusting God to give you the solutions you need.