Twice the officer tried to sweep Kevin’s legs out from under him, but neither time worked. “Everything I thought I knew about the world was working against me. Nothing like this was supposed to happen to everyday people like me.”

Backup arrived and Kevin said, “Thank God you’re here!” But his early morning nightmare was not over. Thinking relief had arrived, he relaxed and was then thrown to the ground. Then the backup officer was able to force him into a choke hold. “I thought, ‘So this is it. This is how my life ends. My face is in the dirt, the tunnel vision started, and I figure I’m going to die now.”

Kevin looked up, and as he did, he saw a number of flashing lights coming toward him. Not quite the Angels of Glory yet. These were more law enforcement officers and the fire department. “When I saw the fire department I literally thanked God. The handcuffs were released…I turned my face toward heaven and gave thanks for being alive.”

Kevin’s vital signs were shockingly out of range; he was in shock. Just then another officer walked up. “I noticed his WWJD bracelet. I said, ‘I like your bracelet.’ He looked down at me, noticed my cross necklace, which was now out of my shirt, and said, ‘I like your cross.’” Kevin now felt somewhat better just knowing this man was with him. “He even offered me a cough drop and [a chance] to call my wife. At that moment I felt such peace; I knew it would all be okay.”

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch…

Keely Parker was asleep during her husband’s ordeal, still nursing a case of bronchitis. Through a fog of cold medication she heard their eleven-year-old daughter come into the room. “Mom, there’s a real important call you need to take,” she said.

Keely took the phone from her daughter’s hand. “Hello?”

“This is Officer Clark.* Your husband is being arrested…”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What? Where is he?”

Officer Clark told her she should come down to the Orange County Jail to bail out her husband.

“I kept thinking surely he was talking about another Kevin Parker.”

Having never been in this situation, Keely called her father and asked, “Dad, what do I do?”

“You go down to the jail and bail out your husband,” he said.

When she arrived at the jail, it was to discover that her husband was still sitting on the side of the road with about thirteen officers and paramedics.

“The woman working the desk was very kind. She knew I was out of my element. She told me I’d have to wait for the paperwork to come in. Sometime later she motioned for me to come to where she sat. ‘Your husband’s been very bad,’ she told me.” Again, Keely thought surely they had the wrong Kevin Parker.

“Then she said, ‘He’s being charged with three felonies and four misdemeanors.’ And I thought, Kevin?” She told me what I needed to do as far as bail. I did it and then returned.

Making Friends on the Inside (Having Friends on the Outside)

Kevin finally made it to the jail where he was booked and had his mug shot taken. “I watched several of my fellow inmates being booked,” Kevin now says with a smile, “and it was pretty general stuff. But when it was my turn, the booking officer said, ‘Do not move a muscle. If you do, you won’t know what hit you.’ Another officer asked me, ‘Are you insane? Have you ever been committed?’ Another said I was lucky to be alive. ‘I would have shot you,’ he said.”

But funny things also started to happen. A young man who had just been arrested said, “Dude! I saw you on TV!” Another showed him how to get a baloney sandwich and how to make phone calls.