NASA: Can you talk briefly about some of the things or people that have, when you look back, have really inspired you to do what you're doing now? And just maybe how have those things or people inspired you?


Mike Anderson: Yeah, I think if I look back at my life there are just hundreds of people that have inspired and influenced me in a number of different ways. You know, first of all, you can't forget your parents. You know, and all they've done to help you to get here. But it's really the people that you don't think about every day that influence you. The people, your teachers, you know, the ministers that you worshiped under. The people that you just came into contact with at the right time that just may have said something that turned a light on in your head and led you down a certain path. You know, those people you really just can't thank enough. And as you look back at your life, there are just a million different things that have happened, just in the right way, to allow you to make your dreams come true. And you know, someone has all that under control.