Let God move you to protest injustice. Whenever you sense an urging to do something to help right a wrong, recognize that God may be speaking to your heart. Don't be afraid to take action to protest unfair policies and advocate for causes. Ask God to motivate you to care about issues about which He cares.


Give God thanks for progress. Take time to learn about significant progress that's been made in your lifetime to deal with global problems such illiteracy and environmental abuse. Thank God that genuine progress is being made, as faithful people rely on His strength and work for positive change.


See the connection between body and soul. Rejoice that research has found that those who follow biblical values in their lives live longer and healthier lives. Know that by making choices that are good for your spiritual health, you'll also likely be improving your physical health.


Recognize history's relevance to today. Study world history and read old literature - such as Shakespeare's plays - to see how many of the important issues in the world today are timeless. Listen to elderly people's stories of how God has redeemed their mistakes and healed their wounds. Get a sense for how God has been at work throughout history, and trust Him to continue to act powerfully today.


Learn from the church around the world. Consider what you can learn about spiritual warfare from the church in South America, about suffering from the church in China, about passionate evangelism from the church in Africa, about intercessory prayer from Korea, about an appetite for God from Russia, and about the need for revival from Europe. At home in the United States, strive to be a faithful part of our global society.


Bridge the gap between givers and receivers. Don't look down on people who are currently more needy than you. Realize that every person has seasons in life to give and to receive. Accept God's grace as a pure gift - not something you can earn. Once you embrace God's great, unconditional love for you, you can offer genuine love, with no strings attached, to other people.


Find God in the miracles of forgiveness and grace. Don't be afraid to accept God's forgiveness for your sins and His grace to live a better life. Be willing to forgive others because God has forgiven you. Seek to live a faithful life as a way of expressing your love to the God who loves you.


See the freedom of prisoners. Volunteer at your local jail or prison, or read about some prisoners who have found spiritual freedom in the midst of physical confinement. Be inspired by how they can find genuine joy even while suffering.