Give without expecting anything in return. Let your motivation to give time and money to others be simply love for God and a desire to do what's right. Don't give to try to manipulate people or earn material rewards. Trust that God will reward you in the best way, as He chooses.


Laugh at yourself. Recognize the humor in our attempts to live in this fallen world and deal with our human foibles. Be grateful that God always stands ready to help us. Let humor melt away your stress.

Adapted from Finding God in Unexpected Places by Philip Yancey, revised edition copyright 2005 by S.C.C.T. Published by WaterBrook Press, a division of Random House, Inc., Colorado Springs, Co.,


Philip Yancey is the author of 17 books, with a total of more than five million copies in print. His books include Soul Survivor, What's So Amazing About Grace? and most recently, Rumors of Another World. He lives in Colorado with his wife, Janet.