The following is a report on the practical applications of Ché Ahn's new book, Fire Evangelism: Reaching the Lost through Love and Power, (Chosen Books, 2006).


Do you evangelize just to fulfill a sense of obligation? Do you dread evangelism so much that you avoid it altogether?


If evangelism seems like a chore, you need to discover fresh passion for it. God will give you that passion – and the power you need to evangelize lost people every day.


Here’s how you can find passion and power for evangelism:


* Put first things first. Realize that all your evangelism efforts must spring from a close, ongoing love relationship with God. Make your relationship with Him your top priority above all else in your life. Place your focus on being close to God instead of doing tasks for Him. Then your evangelism will flow naturally out of your connection to God. Know that your love for God will draw people to you who are curious about His work in your life and need to hear the Gospel message.


* Answer the call. Understand that evangelism isn’t just for clergy members or other ministry professionals; it’s a sacred call that Jesus wants every one of His followers to answer. Don’t worry that you don’t have the right personality to succeed at evangelism. Know that there are many different ways to evangelize, and all you need to do is be faithful to undertake the task in whatever style works best for you. Be assured that the God who made your unique personality knows just how you can best evangelize, and He stands ready to help you. Be alert to evangelism opportunities God sends your way, and make the most of them, realizing that time is precious because your chances to reach the lost are over when you die. Seek to bring God joy by doing your best for Him.


* Check your motives. Ask yourself why you’re evangelizing other people. Don’t do it because you have to; do it because you want to. Let your love for Jesus and your gratefulness for what He did for you and others on the cross motivate you to share His message. Evangelize because God’s good news is too good to keep to yourself and you want others to experience the freedom you enjoy because of Jesus. Recognize that evangelism is vital because it gives God honor and glory that He deserves, it brings Him joy, and it was a priority for Jesus.