Don't isolate yourself. Although you may think it's easier to retreat from your relationships during this crisis, understand that you need your loved ones more than ever. Use the time you have remaining to heal fractured relationships and build more intimacy with family members and friends. Know that people who care about you genuinely want to help you, and that they're often blessed by opportunities to help as much as you are by receiving help. Don't be shy about letting them know specific ways they can help meet any of your needs.


Keep pursuing goals. Don't just wait to die. Instead, use the time you have left to keep pursuing goals God has placed on your heart. Realize that you can still be incredibly productive, using your God-given talents to contribute to the world and interceding in prayer for others if you're not mobile. Understand that even if you have just a short time left on Earth, there's still something important that God wants you to do. Aim high so you can finish strong. Tell God that you want Him to keep working powerfully in and through you. Ask God to give you the strength you need to stay focused on your goals until you've accomplished everything He wants you to accomplish.


Give your worries to God. Whenever a worry pops into your mind, take it captive and offer it to God in prayer.  Know that He cares about you, and will always respond. Ask the Holy Spirit to constantly renew your mind to help you think positively.


Maintain spiritual disciplines. Don't neglect basic strength-building spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, and reading the Bible. Practice them regularly. Ask Christ to use them to guide your plans, desires, will, and emotions, since He is the way, the truth, and the life.


Embrace God's mercy in a fresh way. Let your struggles make you even more aware of the dark depravity of your condition in a fallen world, and how much you need God's mercy. Thank God for that mercy, and embrace it with joy.


Take care of final details before you depart. Prepare a will, plan and pay for your funeral, write down or record your personal testimony of faith, and hold conversations with loved ones to tie up loose ends and communicate forgiveness and enduring love.

Adapted from The Journey Home: Finishing with Joy, copyright 2003 by Bill Bright. Published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, a division of Thomas Nelson, Inc., Nashville, Tn.,     


Bill Bright led Campus Crusade for Christ International, an organization of more than 26,000 full-time staff and more than 553,000 trained volunteers operating in 190 countries. The film JESUS, which was his idea, is the most widely viewed motion picture ever produced - seen by more than 55 billion people in more than 800 languages and dialects. The author of more than 100 books and booklets, including Come Help Change the World, Witnessing Without Fear, The Coming Revival, and The Secret, Dr. Bright went to heaven in July 2003.