Offer whatever you have to God’s service.  Be willing to open your home and use whatever other resources you have to serve God as He calls you.  Know that God can use even something as small and simple as a meal you offer someone to accomplish important purposes.


Focus on your eternal destiny.  Understand that, no matter what you achieve on earth, you’re still going to die.  Make sure you’ve chosen a saving relationship with Jesus Christ so you be with Him in heaven.  Live with your eternal destination in mind, living to please God above everyone else.


Don’t just talk the talk; walk the walk.  Realize that words without action are cheap.  Be willing to put your faith into action whenever you can, loving others as God has called you to do.


Let God prune you.  Be willing to let God prune the unhealthy branches of sin out of your life so you can grow and thrive.  Welcome His discipline into all aspects of your life.


Help hurting people.  When someone has fallen away from the faith, don’t gossip about him or her.  Instead, talk with that person privately and do all you can to help restore him or her to a right relationship with God and fellowship with other believers.  Be willing to forgive, just as God has forgiven you when you’ve failed.


Express your views with boldness and respect.  Earn the right to be heard by treating people – even those with whom you disagree – with respect.  When you talk with them, have a positive attitude and try to find some common ground.  If you do so, they’ll be much more likely to listen to you than if you had approached them negatively.